Here comes the posts...

So i've been away from my computer for about a week (except for that last post, but it was sorta a quick get out some info asap and go sorta thingy.) I have such an assortment of posts to post, mentions to be made - that i think i'll try and list them here, and then write about them in an order yet to be determined.

before i do that though, i just want to wish Ben and his family all the love they can get right now, my heart goes out to the Hedstrom's and i wish for a full recovery and a safe return. We all love you Ben, take care.

.... ..

1. Fugitive captured on St. Louis street right in front of me!
2. Thanksgiving? on the 20th?
3. Green trees for free!
4. Lets play Guess who's nipple this is!
5. Good bye to Amanda...
6. Hey check out the Nest Material!
7. My fat dog.
8. I finished paying off my Zen Micro!
9. Nest material Notes.
10. State of Tanner address.

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