Fugitive captured.... right freakin' in front me!

So i went over to my friend (and now ex-pure poper) Amanda's to give a hearty hugger and a "fair thee well" as she's moving back to Maine (i know... right?) to go back to College (wtf.) and as we're standing in the kitchen, her roomate starts yelling at her that there are cops running around the back porch with flashlights and crew cuts! so Amanda, being the dude in their roomate situation, and i go out side to see whats going on, only to see them cuffing and dragging some guy out of their storage space next to their porch! Aparently the cops had been looking for this guy for months and may have some connection to this guy that has been harassing UVM students... it was pretty wild, but i wasn't feeling so hot ( i think i've got the bird flu...) so i hit the road. But not before putting my name on the list for these two sweet potted tree plants that may or may not be real, that Amanda is getting rid of when she leaves. I think they'll look hot in mine and Todd's swank new pad.

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