A few notes

Anyone who wants to check out some pictures from the show we played at the Narthex should head over to ben's lovely blog

And anyone who wants to go see 2001: A space odyssey on the big screen should let me know and we can go and watch it at the Roxy this weekend at midnight!

And anyone who's still wondering what Highgate is here is your answer. However, it is more of a state of mind than a place. i'm still trying to get out of there. Maybe that's why i'm so reluctant to go and visit my family.

On one last note, if anyone is reading this at all, post a note would you? i don't want to know if i know you or not, just if someone is reading this or not.

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Anonymous said...

hey tanner, i'm reading your blog! i heard about the he-man thing and had to check it out. very nice. all of it! -michelle