Stuffed baked potatoes and buffalo chicken sandwiches

Are what A is currently cooking downstairs, and I am currently upstairs hiding from what I imagine is the quiet disapproval of her family. Her mother Robin is at this very moment across the hall cleaning A's bathroom, our old bathroom, and it makes me feel so strange to be a guest in this house now. Scott seems to be Ok with me, but being a Buddhist it's hard to tell what he feels about anything, it's always a lot of "How are you?" and "What makes you feel that way?" with him, and it's quite nice conversation wise, I've never felt judged by him, though, and I think Adrienne will agree with me on this one, it kind of sucks not to ever be validated by him either.

Needless to say, this is an interesting household that I hold very dear to me. I hope, that whatever changes mine and adrienne's relationship goes through, we'll stay close, and hopefully I can continue to be part of this house.

On other notes.... It was birthday party weekend, lots of goings on, and though I missed Ben/Greg joint party last night, I was in full force for JB's the night before. The laughs were great, I got him a present I think he actually liked, (the Texas Funk compilation) someone had a smidge of the old "Yayo." and over all think JB felt loved and appreciated which he deserves.

Though the decision to split with A, and to focus more on my life and the people around me feels like I might have made a mistake sometimes. Other times, I feels like the only sane thing I could possibly be doing right now in my life. And it isn't just when I'm drunk and watching pretty girls. It's also when I'm alone, and I have time to myself, and I can read, or write, or do whatever it is I'd like. I need this freedom, I have a lot of choices to make and changes to go through.

Eugene from Gogobordello came down to Pure Pop yesterday, he was looking for the new Fall album, which we happened to be listening to. He was all decked out and looking hip, he had a heavy golden rolex on with little $ signs everywhere. When he left I was outside smoking and he walked to the curb, waved his hand, and from out of nowhere a Cadillac drove up and off he went. Former Pure Pop employees gone rockstar/moviestar....

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