Happy thanksgiving everyone, I'm over here at The Perry's, I've been helping Adrienne and family prepare quite a feast, including these delicious hand turkey sausage stuffing, er.. Stuffed mushrooms. I made the spicy glaze for the nuts as well.
I hope all is well at the sea monster thanksgiving extravaganza, and with luck I'll be making my way over there this evening for desert, providing I haven't slipped into a turkey coma. I hope JB is having a goodtime with his family up in the Franklin Co. I hope that Mike and Ben are having great conversations and cup after cup of ciders and teas with their families in Michigan and California, we all miss you guys!

Has anyone looked outside today?! It's gorgeous! It feels like a holiday outside too! Me and Adrienne took a smoke break after we made ordeourves (spell check won't even suggest what that word could be) and sat outside, I used a piece of old sheetrock to keep my butt dry, A. Just plopped right down in the snow. We sipped our coffees, and puffed our tobacco and smiled, it's not that cold outside right now.

I watched an older man across the street slowly sweep snow off his walkway and started to worry; I didn't see anyone with him, or any cars in the driveway - was this how he was going to spend thanksgiving? I told myself that he must be clearing the walkway for someone, I sure hoped so.

I'm thankful today, thankful for many things, but I'll pick out a few specifics. Thankful for friends that let me sleep on their floors no cost. thankful for maple cooked sweet potatoes. Thankful for all the families that have taken me in and given me a place to stay. Thankful for my band that has encouraged me and given me something to be proud of. Thankful for the ability to type 60+ WPM and built in spell checkers. Thankful for my health, thankful for my family, thankful that my PC is almost 3 years old and I haven't had to upgrade it yet. thankful for having read John Bellairs' novels as a child. Thankful for getting arrested when I was a young man, and thankful for learning how to make pipebombs in the boyscouts. Thankful for loosing my mind in Sydney and thankful for getting it back in Vermont. Thankful for everytime I've had my heart broken, and for everytime I've broken a heart. Thankful, for the chance to extend this list as I see fit.

Adrienne is yelling to me to make a Thanksgiving mix CD, anyone got any suggestions? Posted by Picasa


The Le Duo said...

couple things... first i didnt go to alburgh (grand isle co. by the way) but to seamonster. turtle cheesecake and chocolate pecan pie blew my mind. secondly, is tha a's sister in that pic? if it is she's a hotty.


Tmoore said...

That's A's sister alright - good to hear you stayed in town and partied with the sea monster crew, i know i had a much more relaxing day staying here. How was sea monster?

greg davis said...

happy thanksgiving yall!
we had a fischer family thanksgiving at our house. almost entirely vegan which was a treat for me because i could eat everything on the table for a change. we went to the seamonster house for dessert. rad desserts. awesome to see everyone. im thankful to have all of you great nice awesome friends in my life. see you all soon. tanner, we missed you at the seamonster dessert....