Liar Liar!

So the Liars, dropped off the scene, moved to Germany and started a little commune where they've spent the last few years touring Europe, working on a new album, and apparently engaging each other in some hardcore lovemaking (click photo for uncensored version) for the soul sake of creating an album cover for their next masterpiece. Personally, I can't wait, "They threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top" was the only important thing to come out of the "Dance Punk" revival (although only maybe 2-3 tracks were just that, the rest were all hypno-kraut experiments.) while "They were wrong, so we drowned" was the most brave and not to mention successfully sonic change-up of any band in recent memory, dropping any accessibility of their previous album and EPs and just going balls out into I guess.... Concept noise. Anyway, they kill. And my recommendation to any who care, take a listen to their Split with Oneida, (yeah I know, it's a pitchfork link, but some of their review aren't wanky.) it's not to be missed, both bands contribute, and also cover a track from the other, brilliant stuff.

Anyway, Coffee time.

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