It's to funny

This is my friend Jeff doing his best rowdy roddy piper for Halloween, I know the picture is old and it's been on his blog forever but I just couldn't sit by and watch it slip into blog archive oblivion. Jeff, if you're reading this, kudos to you, twix, and baby Ruth as well. You've captured the essence of Rowdy Roddy, and furthermore the essence of the WWF. Infact, that one picture alone fills me with such joy, I actually forget all the terrible memories from my childhood of WWF, for example:
My older cousin Troy watching a match and then turning to me says
"Tanner, come here I wanna try something on you"
little tanner (putting down the lego fortress he'd been working on "What is it!"
Troy "It's called the sleeper hold..."
Tanner "Is it gonna hurt?"
Troy "...... nah..."
Tanner "Cool!..."
Troy "Turn around, good - lift your arm, ok..."
Tanner (choked gurgles)
Troy "what?"
Tanner "It does hurt!"
Troy "No it doesn't...."
Tanner (Choked screams)

and so on.


Well in about 30 minutes i'm going down to meet Todd and Speeders on Pine and we're going see if we're both going to be homeless for the holidays or not, pretty soon I may have a roommate with me at Chez JB and Kyle's Floor. Apparently this apartment was a lock except for one little detail, asking the landlady.... crapola. So today we're gonna remedy that. Also, I didn't mention this one yesterday, but Sunday night was a blast, the food was awesome (apricots and sweet potatoes... Genius.) and the conversation was excellent, I especially found it funny when at one point I think Angela noted that all the guys in the room were talking about Nintendo, and the girls were talking about knitting, precious - also I got to play DJ which I love to do, so I played a little Spirit, which JB noted, sounded like bad Chicago - so I moved to a classic "The Stranger" side A, gold, side B - doodie. Then it was on for my final choice, Electric Warrior, gotta love that one, even if it is so obvious these days. It was great to hang out with everyone, and hopefully if i get this apartment me and Todd will be having everyone over for a sweet Holiday/house warming party!


The Le Duo said...

Tan- I've heard that Troys WWE abilities have evolved so far that he can now break your skinny neck with his mind. So you better pray to fuck, christ, and allah that he doesn't read this blog.


Anonymous said...

if you and todd don't get that fucking apartment i am going to die, or at least want to for a little while.

i highly doubt you would live within a 3 minute walk of me otherwise.