Check out the sweet nest material

Ok, here is a blog of someone who i don't know who lives in burlington and checked out our show and then put some of our music on his website! Thank you whoever you are!


The Le Duo said...

awesome! first local blogs and then the world. i started a blog here 'the le duo' its called. so you'll have to show me how to use it w/ pics and all. great job on this blog tan!

greg davis said...

blogs are sweet.

i think thats randy smith's blog.
he was the dude at the narthex in the suit who was sorta DJ'ing from his laptop in the corner.

Anonymous said...

hmm... i don't remember him, he's got a real nice blog - is he like some sort of musician or maybe a DJ? - JB when i get my place setup with todd i'll help you setup a blog - GD probably knows much more about it than i do - he's got one ah'dem fancy DIY templates.... -tanner