One more note

If any of you meat eaters out there want to try a kick ass pan-nee-nee than you should go to great harvest on Pine street, and order a "Bog-Hog" and you will not be disapointed, if you're really lucky you'll get Adrienne to make it, and then if your extra extra lucky you'll get her to make it with Stuffing bread!

9 grain freshbaked bread
vermont brie cheese
maple cooked vermont ham
Cranberry Chutney

also - if there is a gred davis in the room, would he please let me know if he knows of any tricks to get rid of that blogspot title bar... it's crampin my style. ok, i'm gonna venture into this cold november rain and get myself a coffee. maybe a pan-nee-nee too.


greg davis said...

gred is in the house!

the only way to get rid of the blogger title bar is to host your blog on your own FTP server if you have one.
otherwise if you host it on blogger, i think it stays. although you may be able to play around with the template a bit and get rid of it.

greg davis said...

ok tanner, figured it out....

follow these directions:

Tmoore said...

awesome! thanks Greg - nice work on your blog as well, i'm pretty happy with this template, but i'm gonna look into learning some simple html so i can get a more personalized look, also let me know when you have a D&D viewing party cause i'm so in.