Thanksgiving? On the 20th?

So, as tradition holds it, the McCuin family sat down together on Sunday, November 20th and observed Thanksgiving, since everyone has better things to do, on the actual holiday.

Adrienne came with me, and the ride up was excellent, I made nice mix tape for us to listen to, we stopped and treated ourselves to starbucks (A got coffee, but I was like... Grande caramel frapachino with Wip MOFO!). The Mix had a bunch of great pop songs on it, perfect for the Sunday drive to visit those very special people in your life - you know the ones that cause me to physically shake with anxiety...

tracks of note include.... (but not limited to.)
Bill Fay - Omega Day.
Feist - Inside and Out.
New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show (this song is like the soundtrack to my life if my life were like a preview montage to a very special episode of the Gilmore girls. We listened to it four times on the way there and back.)
The Mekons - Ghosts of american Astronauts.

... The family was good, everyone seemed pretty happy, and I actually talked with most everyone and felt OK the whole time, my dad was happy to see me, and I was really happy to see him cause he's probably the best dad in the whole world, and when he saw me for once he told me I looked good instead of too skinny or tired, and didn't insult my shabby looking beard. My Grandmother told me a story about a car accident where she and everyone in the car (including my dad, uncle and aunt) were hit head on by a wrecker carrying another wrecker... And that it caused such blunt for trauma (her words) that almost 30 years later, it was the direct cause of her stroke... Pretty heavy stuff, then she told me about how she doesn't like baseball, can't read novels anymore, and that when she was young, they couldn't play organized sports because of the war. That last one I couldn't entirely figure out but I'm sure it's true.

I also got to talk to my Cousin Jason who went into the military about 5 years ago and since then has been at odds with me (the pinko anarcho-comie drughead to his.... um, captain America.) and suprisingly enough, had a great conversation about how we both love to play online video games. He's a SOCOM kind of guy, I'm all about COD. He's a little x-box, I'm a little PC.

Before everyone satdown to eat me and A took a drive around Franklin county and I showed her the back roads of Highgate and Franklin, up the gore road, around lake Carmi, and back around through town. It's a drive I take almost religiously, and I find that everytime I do it, I get momentary glimpses of just how much has changed in my life and it feels wonderful. I have no regrets (sometimes.) Posted by Picasa

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