Highgate Podcast #2

Welcome to December, though it may not feel all that Wintery right now - soon i hope. The forecast is finally calling for snow and yesterday's 60 degree weather is fast fading. Outside it's drizzling, and i thought i noticed some of that turning quietly to flake. With any luck, I'll spend next weekend trudging through the snow looking for the perfect evergreen (i can already smell the pine needles...)

Nows a good time to offer up my second podcast of the year. Some of you may remember my first, titled Slowstorm; a mix i made last January while considering slow falling snow and hazy melancholy memories. I'm going to offer it up again soon, and the track listing is here. Unlike some casts, i don't offer any introductions or chitchat, other than to preface them here. They do follow a theme, and this new one titled "Glowing light on Snow" is my first Holiday offering - I had to dig hard to find songs that matched thematically, most of my music is decidedly "cool" i guess is the word, especially in the last year - (i have another cast I'll be offering up of that soon enough.)

Most of the tracks have no direct holiday reference, save Will Oldham's "Christmas in the Mountains" but i tried to choose songs that captured a warmer, thoughtful sense, a bit of lush, a bit of love, some bells and harmonies, something you can listen to some night when you're relaxing and watching the snow fall, or walking up church street all bundled up and dodging scores of consumers, or maybe taking that long drive out and around to enjoy the new snow. - Of course i never stray too far from the melancholy, but for most of us the Holidays while we enjoy them, have a way of illuminating our loneliness. So there are tracks for those moments too...

Hope you enjoy,


December 06 Podcast
"Glowing Light on Snow"
Track Listing in Comments

January 06 Podcast
(podcast coming soon)


Tmoore said...


1. A Hawk + Hacksaw - At Dusk
2. American Analog Set - I must soon quit this scene
3. Stereolab - Spacemoth
4. Aphex Twin - Ageispolis
5. Cocteau Twins - Cherry Colored Funk
6. Sufjan Stevens - (bells from Michigan)
7. Low - Closer
8. The Essex Green - Our lady in Havana
9. Kelly Stoltz - Winter girl
10. Feist - One evening
11. Greg Davis - Air Castle
12. The Cure - Lullaby
13. Sebastian Tellier - Slow Lynch
14. Julie Doiron - Snow falls in November
15. Four Tet - Hilarious Movie Of The 90's
16. Efterklang - Swarming
17. Will Oldham - Christmas in the Mountains.

*all tracks are mixed together seamlessly, not cause i'm worried about rights, but cause i like to mix things together.

If anyone knows of a hosting option, that lets you keep your uploads permanently, and will allow files over 100megs, please let me know. As of now this podcast will only be available for 1 week.


casey said...


jay said...

Can't wait to listen to this; thanks!

Josh said...

I just made my first mix in years this past weekend, Tanner. I can't believe how long it's been, and how I'd forgotten that there's really no better way to spend a lazy, cold Saturday afternoon. I made it as a birthday present for Faith, and it's all songs that I find to be either sad or beautiful. (They basically have to pass the cold chill test.) This is volume one of three:

Moonchild - M83
Storms - Fleetwood Mac
Pick Up the Phone - Notwist
Sarajevo - Max Richter
Goodbye - Emmylou Harris
Pack Yr Romantic Mind - Stereolab
Siren Song - Cyann & Ben
Odi Et Amo - Johann Johannsson
Cloudbursting - Kate Bush
Good Woman - Cat Power
I Believe in You - Talk Talk
Snowstorm - Galaxie 500
Wonder if the Snow Will Settle - Clearlake
Holocaust - Big Star
Cora - Randy Edelman (from Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
I Wear Your Ring - Cocteau Twins
Plainsong - The Cure

Kind of a weird coincidence that we had three overlapping artists on our mixes, non?

Tmoore said...

oooooh Tanner likey.

Josh could you make me a copy of that mix - sounds really good, and isn't interesting how you can either start a mix or end it, w/ plainsong, but you CANNOT put it in the middle.

song is so good. so good. so. good.

josh said...

I know--that was the one song I actually went back and forth on, trying to decide if I could justify placing it somewhere other than track one. It's just such an epic, perfect leadoff song that I felt dirty putting it anywhere else. I'm happy to report that it works nicely to close out the set, though. Making this mix has sparked some pretty interesting conversations about the subjective nature of "beautiful" or "sad" music. What puts a lump in my throat could be entirely different than what strikes you as pretty. So I ask you then: what are some of the songs that you find the most beautiful? Anyone else can feel free to jump in; I'm always looking for nice music.