Just when I thought

...that the internet had nothing left to offer me, along comes MS Paint Porn and reminds just how fathomless the world wide wackoff truly is. I originally found one of these on one of my hourly Fuzzysquid LJ searchs, and thought "Hmm... that's what i thought a vagina looked like when i was in grade school." sort of like a softish fortune cookie. neato!

This piece is entitled
"Budha's Wet Dream"
This piece entitled
"Tit fuck on Magic Carpet"

So i followed the link to this girls blog where she had a handfull more of these wonderfully juvenile images, some of them animated (@_@!!) I thought maybe this was her bag, drawing crude child like MS paintings of people like... you know... doing it. I was getting ready to comment to her, and propose some sort of beautiful love affair we could share... over IM or something... when i noticed the last one linked to a website... so i clicked it.

"Beach Cyclops takes shot to the Face"

Lo and behold, a treasure chest was opened. a big 8-bit, ROYGBIV chest with nary a gradient or proper proportion to be seen. Filled with some of the most bizarrely precious porno the world has ever seen. Enjoy!

"Giant hairy foot penis has it's way with foot slut"
Did i mention this is probably NSFW?

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