Sunday Drive

I'm getting all Phil Colin's about the weather. I know it's gonna snow, i can feel it, coming in the air tonight. Oh lord. When it gets cold like this, all i want is for it to snow. I don't snowboard, i don't ski, i don't really even do anything in the snow, but i need a reason to justify wearing all these layers and feeling the sharp stab of frozen snot in my nose.

But really it's because for at least the first month, it's so magical.

Yesterday was the perfect day for a drive, and since it's been a while since I've taken a drive and gotten out of my Burlington headspace, Jen and I decided to head to Vergennes for lunch at Eat good Food, unfortunately Vergennes seemed to be closed for the day. Nothing was open, but hey that's cool, working on a Sunday is for losers.

So we got on the road again, generally i love to drive, i don't care where, and i can do it for hours - when i drove out west with SP, i drove the whole time, the same on the way back even though Adrienne was with me. I find driving to be like meditation; my focus is on the road, and might higher functions are watching the scenery - i have many thoughts but nothing can occupy me the way it can normally. Perhaps it's also because i can smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and listen to music. Simple pleasures.

We headed off, i was thinking maybe Bristol - but Jen suggested Middlebury; and i was surprised to say I've never actually been there; I've only ever passed by it going down Route 7. Another great thing about taking drives, i forget to worry about doing my laundry. I'm currently in the "scratch and sniff" phase of my laundry cycle. Charming.

Anyway - we stopped in Middlebury, and explored around - there's this really great smelling little Indian restuarant off the main drag, down by the river (where i shot my baby.) i think it's called "A taste of India" we had to try it out; but when we walked in, passed the "OPEN" sign, and the blinking white christmas lights, there was no one in the place. when i said "Hello?" an Indian man shot up from one of the booths he had been sleeping in, his had pulled over his face "We're Closed!"

Ok, no luck there either. I bet it was good food too. Next door to the indian restaurant was a little used good store, sort of a mini recycle north, they were closed, but outside were a bunch of donations, baby clothes, vases, pots and pans, and a little bag of records, so we rooted through them - i almost snagged a live Willie Nelson, but eventually put it back, i don't know enough about Willie to grab any old album, but it did have a "Red headed stranger medley" on it... Jenny grabbed the Disney soundtrack to Sleeping Beauty. score.

After browsing around the local bookstore for a while we got some good advice on food and headed to the the "Two Brother's Tavern" back up by where we parked. I highly recommend it. We got a big bowl of clam Chowder, jalepino Corn bread, Jenny got a Burger, rare as fuck, and i got their Thanksgiving sandwhich, cran mayo, stuffing, turkey, onions, chedder, bacon, tomato, lettuce, on texas toast (christ.) a beer for me, a glass of wine for the lady. Well worth the wait.

It was dark on the way home, and we listened to Will Oldham and the Magnetic fields, both of us were a little tired, but i'd say we were content.

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the le duo said...

Tanner, always go for Willie! He is killer live...