Santa Jay Came at last!

I knew he'd come - or at least, he'd drop my pressent off at the Williston UPS branch. I was so excited to see that cute little green package, (wrapped so professionally, with such austerity...) I just had to open it! Even thought it was 5 days after christmas...

"What is it?" i thought as i tore into the tightly bound package...
A TV VCR Combo? A baby brother? Perhaps a Cheese sampler from Dankin Farms!

Mayhaps the complete set of original transformers action figures, or
maybe that totally awesome Voltron set made out of metal...

What is this?!
It's Franz Shubert's "Death of a maiden" and "trout" Quinet!
Oh how did he know that devious Santa Jay!


Ahahahahah ahahahaha YAAAAAAAAAY!
So much joy and happiness flooding through my body!
This is the Best Christmas ever!
Thank you Santa Jay (for serious.)
10 points to anyone who can guess the movie in the background.
JB you don't count.


Undead Molly said...

The movie is the 148-minute 1990 re-release of Caligula.

jay said...

LOL! Nice!

And it looks like Psycho Killer (Qu'est qu c'est?) Travis Bickle....so it's gotta be "Taxi Driver"!

Glad to see that film degree is finally getting some use... :)

jay said...


Apparently the folks at Seven Days are looking for New Year's party videos....do you want me to bring my video camera to the par-tay?

Tmoore said...

You are correct sir - 10 points to be awarded to Spitting out Teeth.

Yeah man, bring whatever - film it, paint it, paper machete it.

casey said...

Nice beard, hippie.

Undead Molly said...

The Color Purple

Undead Molly said...

Finding Nemo
Lair of the White Worm