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Retro Video Game Fetish on:
(warning! money shots.)

Luke won't let me post a link to these (and a few more,) Ebay auctions; he's got dibs. they sure is perty though. These guys are all pre-coleco, most of them only ran a few carts; many just one. Most probably ran you about the same amount you'll pay for them now, but only in sepia toned 1970's money. Money w/ polyester pants and hecka-chops.

Me i want a Wii, but i'd settle for an X360. PS3, can eat shit.


jay said...


i hear ya on the Wii; a friend of mine managed to get one of the few left in VT for his brother for Xmas & I can't wait to try it out.

Tmoore said...

lucky bugger... if and when i get one i'm throwing a party. a party the likes of which have never been seen in burlington, a Wii Party!

jds said...

I need to take some pics of the consoles that I have stashed in the attic. They'll make you cream. Sadly the one that I understand, the 2600, wasn't working the other day. I have a gazillion games (and neat Atari traper keeper style folders), but no system that they'll work in. The Nintendo blow trick didn't work. Time to keep my eyes out for a replacement.