How to Get Free

In 16 Simple Steps:















A little Adendum: Right after i posted this i was reading some of Eric Olsen's posts (mostly to make sure i didn't rip him off again) and i came across his post referring to Casey's post about the New Age dude and his book etc etc, anyway, he wrote a great synopsis of the effects smoking DMT and i laughed my ass off, so... I'm ripping it off and sticking some of it here, you can read the rest on his Blog, thanks Eric good stuff!
"... There were 6 or 7 of us, in the tiny, spare, filthy kitchen of my 4th floor walk-up, and we smoked this thing that tasted like we were smoking tires-- no, it was worse, it was more concentrated, like we were funneling a buring tire dump right into our lungs. But I kid you not, it was like this: you got the joint, took a long toke, tried to hold it in a bit, and as you passed it to the person nest to you-- yeah, about the time it left your fingers and you tried to bring your hand back-- you were peaking. You were high like you're high at the very peak of an acid trip-- you know, the thing you have 2 or 3 hours of acclimating to, that state that you actually bloom into...you know the point I'm talking about. Well, imagine going from stone sober to Stonehenge in 3 seconds-- yeah, all of a sudden your hand, the one that just passed a joint, is now a Wandering Jew that needs watering, but your other hand is no where to be found so in order to save the dying plants life, you manage to convince everyone/thing (you're not so sure what the hell that thing is that is standing where Allison was a second ago, but....) to spit on your hand-plant. And it'd be like that for, oh, 10 minutes ... and within 30, you were sober again ...."|the rest|


jay said...

I'm sitting in my cubicle in an office that looks EXACTLY like #1...I'm so tempted to start enacting #2-16.

Tmoore said...

me too... except i'm also listening to The Knife's latest, downloading XTC albums w/ bit torrent, and photoshopping my head onto the body of Bernie Sanders.