"What's going on, what's going on!"

So Brian over at False 45th has kicked off his year end music prefered by musicians round-up. Starting w/ Greg Davis; nice list, or at least, i think it is, since I've only listened to about 2 of those bands.

I'm going to suggest right now that Sevendays talk w/ brian about featuring this in their year end editions. Would be a good read.

JB over at "The Leduo" - posted about the newish breakfast joint in town, Magnolia.

Jay over at Spitting out teeth has posted three of his experimental films set the music of local bands, Cancer Conspiracy, The Interior, and Nest Material - Awesome. Here's the one he set to Nest Material's "Ghosts of Dead Kids":

And Nick at "Jenks Uber Alles" dropped his phone in his soup.

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jay said...

Didn't even realize you had posted my video...aw shucks, I'm blushing...