32.333 repeating, of course.

Ok, I don't play world of Warcraft, their aren't enough hours in a day as it is; not to mention i've already got clan duties to attend to in Call of Duty. But WOW has become the largest and most played MMPOG in history, and more importantly, a pop culture phenomenon. This is old hat, you knew this, even if you only check you're email on your roommates Commodore. You've seen the South Park episode, or heard it mentioned on various "news" stations. Whatever.

But chances are you havn't actually seen what the game is really like; how it's played and what actually happens in game. Well; here's a prime example and a hilarious one at that; this too is very old hat; at this point "Leeroy Jenkins" is synonymous for "idiot" or "hothead" in most online communities, and i doubt it'll be long before we start getting videos from Iraq w/ Coalition troops and freedom fighters alike running into battle (and certain death) under the battle cry of "LEEEEEERRRROYYYYYYYY! JENKINNNNZZAAAHH!!!"

For those of you who need an explaination of what you're seeing, i'll explain. In WOW, you going on quests, for experience, a good way to do this is to team up with others, sometimes as a clan or guild. Often times, rooms are filled w/ ALOT of monsters, and takes a considerable amount of strategy and planning to conquer. This involves planning out tactics, "Buffing" (casting power enhancing spells on each other.) queuing up appropriate potions and spells, readying weapons, etc. That's what all the "Marglock, cast burn witch hand on Sleegdore." talk is.

This can take a little while; but is often necessary; this clan even has someone crunching the numbers to give a probability of success, hence the "32.333 repeating" awesomeness. That's some uber-|337 shit.

Unfortunately our Hero Leeroy, couldn't wait any longer.

Now Leeroy is a member of that esteemed vanguard of internet idiots, right up there next to the numa numa kid, the light saber kid, and that monkey that sticks his finger up his own ass, smells it, and falls out of his tree. Here below, is his legacy:

and on Jeopardy too.


Flatlander said...

I tried and tried but have no idea what anything in that post is about. I feel so....outside.

But I loved the Leeroy video.

Leeroy Jenkins is my hero said...

Leeroy Jenkins is high-larious. I just love how everyone picked up his video and made a lot of parodies and whatnot.