You're all cordially invited to join us at our centrally located (next to the church at the top of church st.) Apartment to ring in the new year, bring drinks, we'll provide the snacks (unless you're a seamonster, then bring snacks too... cause you guys are good cooks.) expect some rug cutting, some under the mistletoe cuddling, and some old grudge shrugging.

Ipod sets by Myself, Ben Hedstrom and Greg Davis, and at some point Todd w/ kick something over. Hopefully not the tree, or my cat. If you plan on stopping by let me know so i can get an idea as to how many of you to expect. Happy Holidays and Cya then!

WHAT: Party!
WHEN: .... December 31st
WHERE: 12 CLARKE STREET APT# 1 (just off pearl, across from Parima.)
WHO: You.
WHY: 'Cause.


the le duo said...

whoa whoa whoa! at some point JB (James Brown) is gonna get played by me (JB)!

celebrity ipoders aside, we gotta cut the Godfather loose!

can I get a huh!


jay said...

I will regretfully be unable to attend as I have already made plans to spend New Year's at a friend's house in Montreal. Have a great time & a happy New Year!

P.S.--We still need to have our Blogger's FAP sometime soon, once the holidays are behind us. That way Tanner can know me as "Jay, that guy who threw up on himself" instead of "Jay, the weird guy I've never met who buys me presents". Actually, the real me is somewhere in between....

Tmoore said...

"Jay the weird guy that throws up on my presents"

Ah bummer man; well Montreal sounds like a blast - enjoy; We'll definatly be hitting the bar after the holidays; gotta figure out a way to numb myself up for the "long long cold." ;D

greg davis said...

ill be dere wit' sum fela, mapfumo, sly, mid school hiphop, paul simon's graceland, and much much more.

cant wait!

angela said...

oh man, i love me some james brown dance down to ring in a new year!
thanks for hosting, boys.
see you then, maybe sooner.
we keep trying to get tommy and nicole to come up so nicole can give tommy a bloody nose by throwing a chunk of ice at his face! remember that?

the le duo said...

Tommy also pulled my sombraro off the wall, knocking over at least a dozen drinks at once...Tan has a great picture of him wearing the sombraro- it should be posted on the 'countdown to the party' series coming soon...

Emily said...

uhhhh can we get some like LADIES' DJ sets, boyzzzzz?? I think we proved ourselves at the home items dance party, did we not?

the le duo said...

so, battle of the sexes, eh? none of the girlzzz expressed any interest in i-poding it up...yet

Tmoore said...

Here's the deal;

anyone is welcome to play an Ipod set, but i wanna know who it is so i can sort of schedual it; just so we don't have 15 people trying to play songs at the same time, cutting tracks off in the middle, ruining "the flow" etc... otherwise the more the merrier!

Bring on the Grrrrl set emily!

Undead Molly said...

I don't know if we're coming, but I WILL deliver swift and bloody justice to anyone who kicks over JC Penney, regardless.

Emily said...

well. my ipod got stolen. But I will try to make a sweet mix. It would not be so long, but for what it lacks in length it will make up in ASS SHAKE

Tmoore said...

Amen to that Molly - JC Penny's is the Queen of the house, and any one who dares lay a hand on her royal head is gonna have to answer to her king (me.)

got that fuckers?

jc penny must die said...

if by 'queen' you mean 'middle age man in drag' and by 'king' you mean 'jc penneys bitch' then that statement is right on!