Krampus, Zwarte Piet, Zwarte Piet, Krampus.

Ok, so guess what tonight is? Krampasnacht!

That's German for Santa's evil friend is gonna put something in my shoe. wicked!

i got this cryptic message the other day:

Hark! all ye monsters of raging sea: in Burling-town this Wednesday eve, Saint Nicholas and I, Black Peter, will be! Should you wish to receive your due compensation for a year's worth of laughter, tears, and frustration out on your front stoop, please leave a shoe and ne'er you expect what is coming to you. should you be doing so please r.s.v.p here, at this dispatch, to Black Peter, it's me. don't forget to send your address for Black Peter and Saint Nick have no GPS should you live outside of this fair town, bring a shoe to your friend's and drop it right down or better yet, borrow half of a pair and tell your friend to put it right there just one more thing that you should know, by horseback we shall trudge through the snow our mare needs carrots and bits of hay to help us be on our merry (or not so) way for those of you who are poetry-lame we'll spell it out so you can get in on the game: Who: Black Peter and Saint Nicholas Where: In Burling-town When: Wednesday evening, 7-11pm What: tidings in your shoe Why: google it, assholes Signed, Saint Nicholas, by way of his slave, Black Peter


after a little research (on Molly's blog) i figured out where i'd heard of this guy before... it's Krampus! He just changed his name, dropped the horns, and put on blackface when he moved from Austria to South Africa the Netherlands... (always trying to stay one step ahead of the man, that man being Saint Nick.)

Anyway, you can check Wiki's Piet page, or check out more krampus pictures, and some history from Molly, or read the Wiki, or read this interesting first hand encounter with Krampus. I'll keep you all informed on what Ol' Zwarte Krampy leaves in my shoe (i hope it's Doc Shoal's medicated foot powder.)

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