The Lord Came...

Wowee ma' that old fart sure is a peckerhead!

Anyway - Start your engines, we've got 2006 Listmania, but the only one i care about is over at False 45th. I still read them though, they're fun, and if i try real hard sometimes i find a list that's really fun. Here are a few samples from some i read this morning.

28. The Disappearance of Independent Record Stores
Sure, the big-chain megamarts save you a few dollars. But do their employees know you by name? Will they hook you up with unexpected new imports? Will they ridicule you when you mispronounce Sufjan Stevens’s name? For music geeks, losing the mom-and-pop stores is like losing a musty, nerd-filled home away from home. (Blenders top 50 worst)

Amen to that one.

I Voted in 89.3 The Current's Top 89 Albums of 2006

Follow that link to complete the Minnesota Public Radio top 89 survey. You can include write-ins. and Reason #37 from

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