Today, I win.

Sort of.

Ever have one of those days, where things just fall into place? Thoughts on past events are validated; consideration of future events look hopefully, but mostly your thoughts are right now, and right now is pretty alright? That was today - Sleeping in, lovely breakfast of eggs, toast, and vegi-sausage with Eva, then an afternoon sitting in the sun reading the paper together. Later, we took a walk down the UVM bike trail; and though normally I don't like to "walk" for "exercise" I found myself really enjoying the stroll, that was until I walked headfirst into a low hanging branch that nearly knocked me on my ass, and left me with a nice bump along my hairline (not to mention the bruise on my pride.)

I also found the world's longest hayseed. Bonus.

Then later Pure Pop Poker Party. Or P4 as I just coined it. Involving a nice drive into the country, a few girl drinks w/ the co-workers, Mike's famous homemade taquitos some random Ipod tunes (A.I. much?), the Janx, and one long, intense game of Poker. When the dust finally cleared, it was about 1:45 in the Morning, and I had made it into the final 3, out of I believe 7 to start with. This was a bit of a shock to me. Even though I was really trying this time, I don't have what most would call a good poker face, so instead I like to throw off my opponents with calculated over exuberance, followed by feigned confusion, and finally stone cold badassery. I call it the "Wild Style". And it got me a respectable second place... Fucking Cooley. Balls.

Regardless, I walked away with 10 bucks in my pocket, and the knowledge that at least I didn't loose to Herb or Mike.

So Today, I won, sort of.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Mr T

I had a fab day with you too, even if I am bad, bad, bad and didn't edit as much as I should have (blargh) but hey, i got a tan! Glad you are a winner and glad to be there to share in your winnings...

Oh, and not to quibble dear, but that was chicken apple sausage this AM. oh yeah, the real thing! mmmmmmm....

oh, and i am gonna post the pic of you and your gigantic hayseed if you do not mind....it is just so...amazing. and the plaid golf shorts look smashing! perfect for a jaunt by the golf course!


Tmoore said...

Man, we are both such nighthawks.

Apple Chicken you say? i knew i was to good to be Vegi. Texture, it's all about texture.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Hell yeah, and the smell of charred flesh driving the cats crazy...mmmm....i am delirious, time for bed! night~

casey said...

You know, the last couple of days have been very pleasant, I must say. Of course, now I've probably jinxed it.

Hopefully I haven't janxed it!

The Le Duo said...

hey Tan- what do you think of 'carrigan?' I've never seen them but I saw that they were playing fri nite at metrognome with swale and ryan and was wondering if you were going. i might. sinko dey stinko.


Tmoore said...

well, i saw Carrigan a while ago when there were a bunch of people in it, and that was cool; and their album was right up there next to the cancer conspiracy album; then i saw them again and it was a 2 peice band... of drums and keys/guitar... and that was actually really good. So i'd say - it'd be worth checking out, but i don't have a clue what they're gonna sound like. I'm in though!

casey said...

Read my article on Carrigan in the Wednesday, May 3 paper (plug! snark!)

The 2 piece setup is interesting. The new album is decent.

Sometimes Zach sounds too much like thom Yorke, tho.

But overall, it's good-ly.

The Le Duo said...

drums and key-tar? hot