Now My Heart is Full

It's official. I now am the proud owner of both Buggles albums on vinyl. Total cost to me: $6.

Adventures in Modern Recording was found in LA at Amoeba records. Living in the Plastic Age (their masterpiece) was a gift from Jason on the day of my accident. I feel like a better man than I was before.

Filling out the set nicely is my copy of Yes's Drama, in which Rick Wakeman and John Anderson were replaced by Trevor Horne and Geoff Downes (the entirety of The Buggles) for just one album.

Of course, I have them on cd as well, but what beats vinyl?


c.l.miller said...

Sure, The Buggles were great, and I'll admit that Drama had its moments, but I think it's pretty clear that Trevor Horn's best work can be found on the North American release of t.A.T.u.'s "200km/h in the Wrong Lane."

casey said...

You say "Drama," I say "Tormato" -- Let's call the whole thing off!

Anonymous said...

you say 'tormato', i say 'tales from topographic oceans' or 'olias of sunhillow'
wanna fight?

The Le Duo said...

Blast that George Michael!!

'The gay singer was driving in Highgate, north London, near his home when he dozed off at a traffic light'

casey said...

Umm, what IS a "tormato," anyway? I think it's a severe meterological disturbance involving red, seeded vegetables.

HerbPierre said...


Miller, you're obviously being cute, and it doesn't suit you.

As for you Tormato and beyond folks, your missing the point. Drama isn't a proper Yes album in that 2/5 of Yes were replaced by The Buggles. It only happened once.

And here's some more information on Tormato's:


casey said...

Members aside, Yes is a far better name than Downes, Horn, Squire, & White.

'Cuz I remember Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe. That was a mouthful.

And Howe!