I had the Mime of my life

If I don't post something soon Tanner will kill me. Still, I don't have a lot of time, so here is a picture of me at my miming gig earlier today. I am a terrible mime, by the way, but an excellent child-scarer.

Also, watch this, it's funny:

This one is also great - tanner


Eva the Deadbeat said...

ok herb, the mime thing explains a lot about you. answers some questions I had. funny comic this week too. Peep Show is seriously the damn best thing on TV. Why can't they make this shit over here - cause the American TV execs are cowardly cockmunchers!? And the next time someone tells you some big thing about their life just say to them - out loud if you have the guts - "Yeah, and how does that relate to me?" cause everyone has some inner-Jez (and some inner-Mark too but that is almost more frightening).

The Le Duo said...

everyone I know is Mark- just in different degree's

Tmoore said...

figures,Someone said they wanted you to cover your face in white "paint" be expressive with your hands and keep your mouth shut and you assumed they ment "Mime".

HerbPierre said...

Tanner, I'll thank you to keep that kind of crassness out of my posts, thank you.