Have you ever seen the Rain?

Tonight is Yoga night; But first I gotta blog... Then I can yoga. Things have been kind of busy and fun lately; Mike is back in town for a bit; tomorrow night it the Seamonster Potluck as well as the first ever Homeitems show (or is that breastmaterial....) at the Narthex.
I took the night off from work so I could attend both, gotta think of something yummy to cook. Might even be vegetarian... Probably not though. Steak probably. Wrapped in bacon. Stuffed in a whole pigs mouth, carried in on the backs of 10,000 stampeding, doomed lemmings.

I digress.
I want to take the time to informally introduce a couple of new contributors to this here little clusterfuckparty. Chris and Herb, two of my good friends, who also happen to be my co-workers, fellow musicians, a part time Mime and a fulltime germanophile (respectively), not mention social malcontents and sodomites of the highest degree. They are, however, great writers and extremely intelligent, more so than myself. They will be responsible for adding actual value to Highgate, and it's about time I figure.

-------------I got high recently and ended up in a Philosophical
conversation; I don't much like philosophy; Kant makes
me violently Ill; very little practicality in it
Bertrand Russell explains why: (
Link)The Homeless Hacker Adrian Lamo,
a wonderful read (wired)
Torrent of The Gospel According to
Philip K. Dick (Link)
The real search for the real
Da Vinci Code for real!
(NY times)Ever heard of the Jasons?
Probably not, but they 0wn you.
(Seed Magazine)


emmy lou said...

please don't call us that.

Tmoore said...

but i just did...

hmmm... sorry Em, forgot i can't make references to mammary glands... how uncouth of me. :)

home itemz said...

you're busted. big time!

you better stay away from microwaves if you know what's good for you, McCuin!

emmy lou said...

not uncouth, just disrespectful on several points.

it's not just the "mammary glands."

Anonymous said...

Tanner- you're making some powerful enemies!

pretty soon you'll be on the shit list of Hammer & Saw, Home Items and The Smittens!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone learned anything... don't take on powerful bloggers, they destroy huge corporations, they can certainly destroy a few home items. if it wasn't for the mammary glands plug, he may not have even given you the PR


home itemz said...

like we care if anyone comes to our show. duh, no doi.

the youngbloods said...

c'mon people now,
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another
right now

*kiss kiss*

jb's blog said...

'Friendship doesn't exist to criticize, its function is to inspire confidence'


Tmoore said...

Wowee, so - lets see here, i think i know on what fronts my joke was aimed at, and i also think that it's just a joke. First of all, Boobies, are my old stand-by... who doesn't like a joke w/ boobies? (all you feminists don't count.)
second if the fact that another group of seamonsters, who also happen to be all female, who also happen to be doing experimental music, can't be made light of than i ask you, dear blog readers, what can? what... can? Have the terrorists won?
But honnestly, Em... if you are offended, than i am sorry. you see,
I never meant to hurt you, i'm sorry that imadeyou crrrryyyyy, i didn't want to hurt you, i'm just a jelous guy.

but i'm still gonna giggle sheepishly to myself.

how bout... No neck boobs band?

home itemz said...

we regret to announce that the home items show will not be proceeding this evening and will be postponed to another time and place, to be announced.

bübble güm said...

ve ah so vary sorry zat zee bübble güm vill not vock you zees nacht!

Tmoore said...

Why not!? this is a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Could you please not use that word? Womyn have bums too, and it just disrespectful... Try 'downer' instead of bummer.

emmy lou said...

wow anonymous, you are so funny AND nice!

Animal Parade said...

And as far as being a feminist goes, I was raised to believe that every self-respecting person should call themselves one. Why shouldn't women be socially, politically and economically equal to men? Huh? Huh? And when did you become such a pussy, Tanner? HAHA LOL LOL I called you a pussy!! LOL :P That means you have a pussy instead of a dick haha what a fucking insult!!!! Haha chest material haha. You probably (and I quote) "wish you were Dora the Explorer and wanna kiss Spongebob because only girls can like girls and only boys can like boys." - Barnes Elementary School Student (What???)

The Le Duo said...

Well, I dont know much about feminism, or women in general, and there lady parts are a complete mystery to me, but I dont see why anyone would get insulted by a 'boob' joke. I can understand why the term 'pussy' or calling a man a women as an insult could be insulting to women, but boobs? come on! we're all friends here people!

JB 'its small but its cute' Ledoux

c.l.miller said...
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c.l.miller said...

Having taken the time to read through the Betrand Russell essay, I was, at its conclusion, left with a question; "How the fuck does any of this support the assertion that philosophical inquiry is undesirable or impractical?"
As Russell states in his closing paragraph: "Thus, to sum up our discussion of the value of philosophy; Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation; but above all because, through the greatness of the universe which philosophy contemplates, the mind also is rendered great, and becomes capable of that union with the universe which constitutes its highest good."
...or did I misunderstand your intent Tanner?

UVM Graduate said...

DuDE BRO, you like... totally posted at 4:20! GNARRRRRRLY!

Tmoore said...

Well, actually yes, that does support what i was saying... While i love to read philosophy because it is, like bertrand says, (i'm paraphrasing here) Yogacize for the brainbox. It really has very little Direct application to the day to day except to help keep our minds limber, which is great, but also not what most philosophy purports to be doing.
Take Kants big conundrum of 1) Truth can only be known apriori 2) In order for us to "test" whether our actions are moral, we should apply them as a universal rule, and if they would still be moral, than it's good.

That implies using posteriori, or external information... thus voiding his first rule.

That's all well and fun to mess with, but really... it doesn't help me day to day. Yes my mind is flexed, but no problems of morality truely solved, and even if there was no conundrum, i don't think i would read Kant, and then become moral the next day...