Watching Books, reading pictures.

Went and saw Greg (w/ (former?) members of Nest Material) and The Books tonight; showed up late as usual; but got to catch the second half of Greg's intergalactic sermon on being 10,000 things at once. Rad; someone mentioned to me about the time at the Narthex when greg was playing some completely mind melting tones and i was drunk and said something retarded like "Woah fuck, those frequencies is melting my mind!" (cause they were.)

Then the books came on, and it was like watching the Books instructional manual on "How to do Laptop in a live setting" which is not to say they wern't amazing; they were amazing. (see i said it...) But a bit clinical; not exactly adventurous - they played a dvd with their clicks and beeps and footage, and then did live instrumentation over it. Cello and guitar. And it was gorgeous; i heard a few people say it was quite emotional for them; i'm glad - i think i just have a hard to getting emotional in a crowded venue; i need to work on that one; maybe drink more.

Afterwords it was to the O.P. That's where most of these pictures are taken; and mostly taken of the same people... here's a few of them; the rest can be viewed on my flickr account click on it; or here. (linky) my footage of the books should follow soon.

Thanks to Greg and The Books for a great show
Thanks to Nick from HG for a Copy of the Show
Thanks to JB and Faith for the drinks
Thanks to HG for getting me in for free; sweet.
Thanks to my sweetie Eva for letting me borrow her camy.
Thanks to all my friends for being my friends.



Tanner said...

I posted this morning, but i was using Eva's powerbook, so it got posted to her blog... mmmm, bloody mary's.

casey said...

I found the entire show pretty moving. And The Books were actually LESS clinical than I expected. Are you sure that the word "clinical" isn't just Tanner-code for "could play their instruments extremely well?"

There was one point when De Jong's cello was so sublime I almost fainted. Really eloquent, nuanced stuff.

Anonymous said...

"There was one point when De Jong's cello was so sublime I almost fainted."


Tmoore said...

it's tanner code for

"I Don't get instant hardons for cellos and Film clips."

but i was a little harsh, when i was writing that, drunk, at 4am... It was a great show; and they were amazing - i think i was just a little antsy.

Anonymous said...

who needs a cello when you got Iggy Pop?

Anonymous said...

hey tanner,
did you get a recording of my set from HG folks?
i made a recording from stage but its a bit clipped (and my vocal mic wasnt going through my mix)
id love to get a copy of my set from the HG folks too, to compare.

Tmoore said...

No, just the books - but i'll ask nick the next time i talk to him, they must have recorded it.

casey said...

Hey, I was kinda tipsy, too. And I was paying more attention to the music than the film clips.

-Iggy Poop