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Chris here.
Sometime ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the excellent Finnish psych-folk act Paavoharju. Curious to learn more about these fascinating Finns, I sought out their website, where I was thrilled to discover that they had recently released a FREE mp3-only EP now available at some website called "Miasmah." I went there. I downloaded it. It was great. And then... I started exploring.
Holy. Crap.

Maybe it's the Leffe talking, but I think I can safely say that over the past few hours I have enjoyed some of the finest ambient, psychdelic and experimental electronic music I've heard in months.
Hooray for creative commons!

Here's just a taste... I've chosen some of the more "active" tracks for web-friendly consumption.

Paavoharju - Tartu Tähän Hetkeen

Lomov - Laubenwalzer

Muhr - Tsuriai

Xhale - Earlier Today

On top of all that, there's some excellent festivals coming up very shortly, a true rarity on this side of the Atlantic.

First up is Montreal's Mutek, possibly the finest international symposium any where in the world. So much more than a series of performances, the festival includes everything from tech demos of the most exciting new electronic hard- and software to open panel discussions with programmers and musicians alike. The line up this year includes a lot of unknowns, but don't let that deter you, it's going to be great.

Next, and this is a ways out, comes the brainwashed's 10th anniversary celebration in Boston. Brainwashed is, and always has been, a fantastic resource for those interested in fringe music in general, and they've got the clout to pull together a seriously fantastic list of performers. Already confirmed are Z'ev, The Dresden Dolls, The Caretaker, V/VM, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Cock ESP, Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), Irr.App.(Ext.), Charles Atlas and a host of others, with more to be announced. Only 500 tickets are available, and it's three days of wonderful music for under $80. I've already got mine, so buy away people!

EDIT: In a striking omission, I left local hero Greg Davis off the list of confirmed performers at the brainwaves festival. His excellent work opening for The Books recently, which I'm sure many of you were fortunate enough to witness, should be yet another incentive for the lot of you to be in attendance come November.


Anonymous said...

yours truly will be playing at the brainwaves festival too.
cant wait, should be a good one.

casey said...

Go Brainwashed!

Love those folks.

c.l.miller said...

Noted Greg! I'll look forward to seeing you there!