Happy Memorial Day

It's on this day that we commemorate those who fought and died in WW3, and celebrate our freedom, wretched from the cold lifeless hand of those Red Devils, no not those Red Devils... the communist ones. If it wasn't for the Wolverines and other brave souls like them around the country, Our Homeland would be the Motherland, we'd be speaking goblty-gook instead of good ol'merkin inglish, squating down and kicking our legs out like morons instead of dry humping and doing the shopping cart, drinking cheap vodka instead of Ol' grandad, and teaching our kids about how we were liberated by the kind freedom loving ruskies, instead of how we, in all our omnipotence and goodness, liberated Iraq.

Go out and rent the 1984 re-enactment of the events that took place in Calumet Colorado, watch it with your loved ones, and by God, you will weap. Especially when those bastards kill the Eckert brother, bastards.

Swayze? Sheen? Jennifer Grey? Powers Booth? Marty McFly's girlfriend (and mom) can someone please say Greatest movie ever?
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Eva the Deadbeat said...

nothing says America to me like "dry humping the shopping cart" - 'specially when purchasing red meat, In Touch weekly and a crate of Bud Light as I did on Memorial Day.