Burlington Telecom. Thank you.

I read today in Sevendays, that the Burlington Telecom is finally open for business as of the 25th. This is great news for anyone that spends as much time on the internet as I do; information junkies rejoice!
At the moment me and Todd have our digital cable through Adelphia, (not to mention the upstairs neighbor's Wifi...) and our basic phone through Version. We don't have cable, cause neither of us really watch much T.V. - though if I am feeling like catching the new episode of project runway I can always head over to Eva's. Regardless, the Digicable is running us 45 dollars, and the lan line is costing 33 and change. That comes out to something like.... 80 bucks.

Here's what I can get through BTC.

@ $44.10/month after discount
  1. Television: BTV Basic: approx. 20 channels
  2. Internet: Digital Bridge: up to 256Kbps symmetrical service
  3. Telephone: Community 1000: 1000 minutes local calling, low long distance rates

I'm not a mathematician, but that means i can have at least, 10 more slush puppies a month!
Plus i won't have to deal with Crapdelphia's non existent customer service, version's either... only problem is i have to wait till service expands to Hyde street, probably in 2020...

Cathy Resmer's article (link)
Burlington Telecom (link)


The Le Duo said...

what is the discount, and who is elegible? also, those # mean nil to me, is that fast internet? man i would love to ditch this fucking cell phone. but the disconnect fee etc...

also, I may be fired...they told us today we had to work ot again this Saturday- I said FUCK NO A-HOLE!! so I'll take my chances. party


Tmoore said...

i think anyone is eligable for the discount, go to there website and read up; that internet is plenty fast, you can go fast for not much more money, you can just get internet or phone, or cable and internet... pick and choose.

JB, getting fired from your job may be the best thing that ever happens to you; imagine sleepin in till... 8am!