Meaty Milk of Man Breasts

Wow. Satire and Parody. I don't know what else to say about this... but yeah, i think i'm still gonna laugh real hard, long and hard. It's Wondershowzen if you're all wonder-ing. May not be Worksafe. The Onion recently published an interview with the creators of the show, Here are a few excerpts:

Audio Video Club: How much work does the show take on an episode-to-episode basis?

Vernon Chapman: Way too much. We overwrite, overshoot, over-everything.

John Lee: Vernon and I do all the writing, all the directing, all that stuff, so it takes about nine months to make six shows, which is a ridiculous waste of time. I calculated what we get paid per hour, and I think I'd be doing better if I worked at Cinnabon, because you get free Cinnabons. We don't get free Cinnabons in the situation we have now. There are deals being made as we speak. Cinna-deals.

AVC: But they allowed you to cook and eat God.

JL: Yeah, not a word about that.

VC: And they encourage us to show God having oral sex.

JL: We can't do stuff about Jesus, but we can do stuff about God. The rules are so weird. You can say, "Jesus, he's my friend," but you can't say, "Jesus! He's my friend." They don't like exclamation points when it comes to Jesus.

AVC: There's a lot of anti-meat sentiment on the show. Are you guys vegetarians?

VC: No. Meat is visually compelling. Meat works. Meat works for America. Meat is like a diamond. It's the perfect metaphor for whatever you need. Do you need a new metaphor? We'll hook you up.

JL: Meat is pretty compelling to look at. It's just solid murder, rock-hard murder. It's murder crystallized into pure meaty form. And that's just fun. When we do research and watch PETA videos, we're like, "Okay, we're not eating meat for a couple weeks."

VC: When you see a pig just kicking and looking in the camera, and blood's pouring out of it, and it's looking you right in the face…

JL: But ultimately, all the deliciousness beckons, and you gotta go back to meat. It's a siren song. It's kind of like alcohol, but in a more solid form.


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casey said...

Yep. Wonder Showzen is deliciously disturbing.