Indiana Jones in...

That's right. Check it out... (link)

More importantly though, is this... a bunch of what i can only guess are barnett college students have taken it upon themselves to make a new Indy Jones game in the vein of the old Lucas Arts classic "The Fate of Atlantis". Check out these screens!
this game rocked my small world years ago; it was one of the first computer games i spent anytime playing, this and Police Quest, which was fun cause you'd type your commands like "Pick up newspaper" but mostly i spent my time with my friend Josh trying to get the little pixelated cop to do things like "Touch girl's boobs." and "Touch other girl's boobs" which never worked, maybe if i had actually known the proper word for boobs it would have worked...
Indiana Jones and The Fountain of Youth (link) (demo)


Animal Parade said...

Unrelated, but overheard in Burlington tonight (Friday) on N. Winooski around 11 pm, and unbelievable hilarious:

Two semi-hairy (one bearded, one with ponytail) deep voiced hippy men embrace on a front porch in an extremely sexual way, almost kissing:

Man 1: Let's just do it, Chris.
Man 2: [angrily] Look, dude.
Man 1: What?
Man 2: Do you wanna go camping tomorrow? Do you wanna go survivalling? (silence) Then you better fucking, you better do right, ok? You better fucking behave.
Man 1: Baby!

What does that mean?
Gotta love it - Mandy

Anonymous said...

you have to play Leisure Suit Larry if you want to 'touch girl's boobs'.

The Le Duo said...

Leisure Suit Larry was funny and sexy...kinda like that over heard conversation

Eva the Deadbeat said...

it's too bad you do not have your own pair of boobs. think of all the fun you could have touching them all day long. it never gets old, trust me.