News, Updates, and Follow-ups

So, just a few updates on old blog posts and what have you.

1. The Secret Umcka Project was a success, that stuff works. I recommend that the moment you start to feel like you have a cold, you start double dosing yourself, that is what I did and I tell you, it worked like charm. I Even wrote to USA today to tell them how happy I was with it. Check it out.

2. Me and Todd have figured out a way to handle the "dirty dishes" issue here at the sin*a*gog. We just removed all unnecessary dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and left only what we need in the course of two days, 2 big plates, 2 medium plates, two bowls, one pot, one pan, 3 sets of silver wear. Now whenever one of us wants to cook or serve someone, we HAVE to do the dishes. This lesson can also be applied to other aspects of one's life, and to a greater extent, society.

3. I may have mentioned before that we live in an old synagogue, you know... The Jewish equivalent to a Muslim's Mosque, or an American's Living Room. Well, I may have also mentioned that it has an interesting history, and that behind our plain white sheetrocked walls, are beautifully detailed, ancient, and one of a kind murals (or tapestries, I don't remember.) created by, Some Russian Dude at the beginning of the last century. Well, I guess there are some people interested in preserving these works of art (me included.) as recently I've been contacted by someone from Sevendays who was looking to do a story about them, but ran into some trouble trying to get permission to come to my apartment by my landlord. Not much information was given, but it's my assumption that If the artwork was to be looked at and deemed historic, than these apartments would probably have to be vacated, and the owners would probably loose some money. Now personally, I don't give a shit, except that we'd have to move out, but I've been floating around this town for the last 6 years so what do I care... But it does bring up an interesting ethical question because there are some families in this tiny building that have been here for a long time, including a family of Russian immigrants that have, I think three kids, and have been living here for 10 years. I don't think they'd be so happy about leaving... Maybe there's a way to make everyone happy! No... Probably not.

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