Listening to / Thinking about

sometimes, I'll think about something, in a certain way, and then I'll sort of well up and I'll shiver for a second, and it's like I just shivered off a thin layer of ice, and for the next few minutes, I feel like I think it must feel to be completely new.


So fun to watch everyone scrambling to file there Taxes... Meanwhile I was able to get my 4 month extension forms mailed out a whole two days before they were due. Who's a responsible grown up? That's right Tanner is.


Want to get a cat very badly, a Russian blue, preferably... But I don't think the land lady is gonna let us, is land lady proper these days? Land lord? Is that right? Not land person. That is ridiculous, I'd go with land baron, or Land's End catalog, before that. Todd doesn't like cat's either, I think he caught it from Sarah.


Very often, when I get up to go to work, and Eva's already hit the road, I find a couple of fruit leathers tucked away in my shoulder bag, and it reminds me that I have to give her more kisses, and to make the bed.


My hair has gotten pretty damn long, but i said "fuck it" i wanna see how far i'll let it go... but if someone has a good idea for a hair cut, let me know you might have a willing victim.


Mandy finished casting my charts, and i got to see the results tonight, we sad down and had a nice chat, which was nice cause i don't think i've ever really talked to her one on one before, she's fun! reminds me of the time years ago when Angela gave me a hair cut, i hardly knew her or Ben then, but boy did we dish; She knew my whole story by the time she was done cutting. I'll post more about my charts soon, but here's a tidbits:

Sun sign: Virgo
Rising sign: Aries
Moon sign: Gemini

keywords: Intense, Poised, observant, self involved (what!? yeah.. ok.), detached, investigative (i am a private eye...) Emotionally blocked (eh. sorry ladies.) overy-analytical, obscure.

truely the keywords of a real douchebag.


Anonymous said...

tan, what did you need a tax extension for? your taxes must be easy enough..school loans can get kinda tricky I suppose. Laziness?

casey said...


Sun - Gemini

Rising - Scorpio

Moon - Cancer

sure 'splains a lot.

if you believe in that sort of thing...

Brooke said...

You should absolutely get a Russian Blue (or an imitation RB, like Casey and I have). I even found one for you at the St. Albans shelter-she's still kittenish:


Just use your investigative / observational skills to devlop a poised approach to the ruler of your roost and you'll be sure to win her over.

casey said...

I just looked at that kitten-y cat, and I think our boy Brando is every bit the Russian Blue that this little gal is.

But he ain't no Prussian Blue!

Herb said...

I'll cast your fucking charts you moron.

Tmoore said...


That kitty is gorgeous and EXACTLY what i want. now i just gotta convince todd and the landlover. Eva's cat Rosie likes to get under the covers and cuddle, and that has to be the cutest thing in the world... ah kitty love.

- Herb, contrary to what you think "Casting my charts" has nothing to do with my penis in your mouth. but, hey, cast away...

angela said...

one of my memorable key words from my mandy chart casting: aloof.

is that for real? it's sure got me thinkin' ever since.

i often think back on our hair cutting dish session. it makes me think i know you really well, but we haven't talked that much since then. have we? sometimes i'll give you hugs on the street or read your blog or sit next to you on an old couch though.

way to be, tanner.

Anonymous said...


i like to cuddle wif you undr the covers. i thimk u shuld steal me and bring me home. i will clean yer dishes wif my tonguw.


luv, rosie