Cream Cycle

I get the impression sometimes that my true nature is a complete mystery to myself. That the more i dig the more i really am just constructing an elaborate scafolding, that i time to time take a look down through... But then again i wonder, who really wants to know what's going on in there anyway; and further more, what good is it gonna do me here in this world... the way i figure it, it's stays hidden for a reason right? I mean, chances are if i "Saw god" or "figured out my shit" than i'd just end up bored and disinterested in the rest of life. Maybe, i mean isn't art just convoluted attempts at expressing the ineffable and unexplainable that is inside us all? And isn't this picture fucking outrageous!? Seriously who writes this shit. Yeah girls, bend over like that.... with the ice-cream, smile, bigger... that's it, and *Click* lovely...


The Le Duo said...

are Kenny Rogers and Grizzly Adams the same person?

ps. If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?


Tmoore said...

don't you mean who?

The Le Duo said...

cannibals dont necesarily wear skin suits, do they?

its funny, they read some excerpts from that new oklahoma 10 year old killer cannibals blog- and they were all 'I'm single and lonley, please help me' (like the le duo) but then he asked 'if you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?' and then he killed a little girl and tried to eat her. so keep your friends close, but your blog-friends closer.

donald sutherland as the minister said...

people who ‘have their shit figured out’ are either in self-denial or extremely complacent (and each of these is a valid answer for someone; I will not judge), because aren’t we continually changing with each interaction and experience? The only people who have their shit figured out are the ones that realize they won’t figure out their shit. This is only one opinion of course, and not necessarily my only one.

Tmoore said...

killer cannibal blog?! where have i been. christ. give me some of that... JB i ment who, like.... dolce and gabbana, perry ellis, or... sean john.

DS, right on man.

Anonymous said...

Tanner- You should have gotten in with 'the Hero Cycle' before they hit the big time...ie Caseys column

Anonymous said...

not to worry... they'll come to me when they're ready ;D

joking, actually i've been talking with frank this past week, hero cycle actually has two keyboardists at the moment.

Anonymous said...

what was that band called you were in together?

...and you will know us because the hills are alive with the sound of battles?

Tmoore said...

*cough* take this city by nightfall *cough*

sing it with me now,
"We took this city!"
"We took this city by Rock and Roll!"

thank you good night.

one of those anonymous posts was mine btw.

Animal Parade said...

I am totally disturbed by that ad. Is it real? What did their parents think when they saw it?

Meanwhile, one in four girls in the world is raped before she's 16. That's not counting rapes after 16.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yeah, i agree with donald sutherland. people who think they have it figured out make me suspicious. to quote ol'voltaire: "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." word.

Tmoore said...



The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people's lives have no purpose or meaning.

casey said...

Yeah. The Hero Cycle's demo disc is pretty damn good. It seems quite different for Frank. There's not a lot of "dude" left in his rock these days...

Maybe Tanner can play tambourine.

Tmoore said...

like Bez? No way am i a Bez.

greg davis said...

...I think that the division is between understanding and experiencing, and many people think that art has to do with understanding, but it doesn’t. It has to do with experience; and if you understand something, then you walk out once you get the point because you don’t want the experience... -JC

(same goes for life too)

Tmoore said...

JC =
in order of appearance in my brain

1. Jesus christ
2. john coltrane
3. Joan Collins
4. Jack Carouak (sounds like a c.)
5. JC Pennys (my old cat.)
6. John Carpenter
7. Jason Corbiere
8. Jethro Cull.
10.Joe Cool
11. Jarvis Cocker

casey said...

Jimmy Cricket!

I guess I like understanding more than experience, 'cause I'm always looking for my opportunity to walk out on stuff. Move on, movin' on. No need to linger.

As far as art is concerned, it's the expression of aesthetic will (either conscious or unconscious) upon the manifest. A part of the grandly unknowable engine of creation.

End Transmisson.

Anonymous said...

art and music are both meaningless and supremly meaningfull at the same time.

to quote Baulotaire 'dont fart in my ear and tell me its music'

to quote PL 'keep slappin; it, junior'