I just got back from seeing "Clap your Wolf Parade say Tapes and Tapes" and i gotta say, "PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHH..." eh. whatever. Though i only saw the last half hour of the set cause i was busy smoking cigarettes and talking stupid po-mo shit with Todd about the weight of past generations; going to Al's french fries and drinking whiskey on Ice with Eva and Margot, checking the status of my meager bank account (didn't do to bad last month, can spend a little this month) and violently coughing up jack daniel's in the parking lot cause i forgot to swallow, instead inhaled. They sucked though, anyway, and as a blogger and a douchebag i just wanna say, i stand firm in not using the blogosphere to support mediocre indie rock. Even if that means i don't get to write "Oh my fucking god LOL WTF here's the greatest band ever" posts. I will however, keep going to indie rock shows, so that maybe better indie bands will come... Art Brut Please, Oneida? Nada Surf even?

In the mean time the books are coming to Higherground, w/ greg davis (nice set at pearls get, thanks for playing 100 years for me.) and friends opening. That, will be good.

Otherwise, save up some money for Terrastock. That will also be good.



The Le Duo said...

thats what you get for trying new things. stick to the classics I say

casey said...

I strongly dislike CYHSY. Hence my absence.

Also, we just moved into the best apartment of all time, and we've been in mad set-up mode.

Which brings me to my next question, which I am not ashamed to ask publicly:

Tanner, you've still got a truck, right? Would you be so kind as to pilot it for 10 or 15 minutes? We need to drop off a boxspring that won't fit up the stairs at ye olde Recycle North...

I'd love you more than I already do. And than could come dangerously close to draining me of my reserves.

But I'll take the risk.

Anonymous said...

so thats why NM got that nice review!

casey said...

It's a small town, anonymous. You gotta know which wheels to grease...

A good review? I thought I spen most of the allotted word count trying to explain what experimental music is to our readership. Always a fun task. ;)

Tmoore said...

yeah Casey, when do you wanna move it?

also (puts on GrammerTanner helmet)

"We need to drop off a boxspring that won't fit up the stairs at ye olde Recycle North..."

there needs a coma in their somewhere i think, can someone tell me, is this technically a "squinting modifier" as well?

and is that how you spell Pppppppppffffffttttttttthhhhhhhhh!! i couldn't be certain last night.

(takes off grammertanner helmet)

casey give me a call at pp, we'll arange something. my truck has a cap on it, and usually fits a full size or smaller, maybe queen, i dunno. but that california king of yours may not... ;)

Animal Parade said...

Casey is in no need of a comma.
"That" always starts a dependent clause. "Which" or "who" or "where" can be either dependent or independent, though they are usually independent, meaning they can rock a comma.

Tanner, I'm sorry, but you often deploy ye olde comma splice. I dare say you are comma happy.

Oh, how I onced loved to make Harvard undergrads cry with my grammar skillz!! How's that for grammargoggles [flexes arms]?

Mandy, aka The Grammar Nazi of Widener Library L404, whose office hours you should avoid if you know what's good for you, Comparative Religion Majors!!

casey said...

Oh my GOD!

I made a mistake. Guess I'd better ask for my Pure Pop job back. ;)

Damn, I have to stop using emoticons!

Hey, Grammar boy — you spelled grammar wrong!

I am glad that Recycle North doesn't have stairs, though.

Tmoore said...

/me takes off grammertanner helmet and stomps it's useless self into dust.

i guess i should stick to what i know.



faith said...

i was going to boycot the cyhsy show to gain a little credibility around the store, but I FORGOT! can I pretend it was intentional? is that ok? don't tell chris.

greg davis said...

tanner said casey needed a coma in there.
not a comma.
get it straight y'all!

Anonymous said...

deep thoughts:
It will be interesting, 30 or 40 years down the road, to see (provided I am still alive) which artists of today become classics or attain cult status.
Maybe we should put our predictions in a time capsule and bury it under pure pop.
maybe we will all be wrong because none will be classics.
oh well, who cares...

casey said...

There's probably a lot of other shit buried underneath Pure Pop!

Coma. Yeah. Sometimes it sure feels like.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid the only thing that would last in a time capsule from now is third eye blind, everything else would turn to dust like tanners time capsule. and maybe rem's monster.

Anonymous said...

and the wu-tang clan

tanner said...

under pure pop... i don't even want to venture a guess, but ok... I bet Herv (the pedophile landlord) has a few bodies in boiler room.

as for future favorite, time tested indi rock of today...

Stereolab (since they are from the future.)
Pavement (in the future, all their discordance is gonna melt away, this is what everyday is gonna sound like, infact, pavement will be played in massage parlors.)
Sonic Youth (same goes for Sonic youth)
Spoon (the new classic rock; and cause bret daniels has the only true rock n' roll vocals in indie music today.)