Eva takes a lickin' keeps on Blogging.

Over at the Deadbeat Blog, Eva's posted about her run-ins with the downside of minor webfame; immature anonymous insults and general retardedness:

"As is the way of the internet, next came the "haters", the "flamers," and the "missing a sense of humor-ers" and I began to wonder about the glories of youtube. The comments became cruel and personal and they seemed to be centered around the Britney Spears and Green Day segments. I was skewered for being a "bug-eyed, frigid man troll crack whore" (not necessarily in that order) and other such lovely descriptive terms."

It's a great read, but a little one sided, for instance Ivan over at "the wonderful world of Ivan" had a few things to say regarding the sexkitten Eva.

This lady is my new found love (not literally.)
She has lovely mannerisms and a sexy voice ;) *rawr*

I concur, Ivan. I Concur.

In Other News

recognize this guy?
take the 8-bit testGet's 157 MPG
Costs less than 11 Gs. Berkeley is offering free podcasts
of their curriculum. Free School!


Herb and Chris said...

We did it!!!!

All sixteen baby!!!

Anonymous said...

tanner. what is your mailing address?
Good things will come to you....

Tmoore said...

lindsay, martin? you've been lurking around my blog for a long time now havn't you! email me... i don't want to print my phys. addy here cause that'd mean i'd get like... 100 women sending me their panties, and that'd just be yuckie... So, email me and i'll send it to you... HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! Where are you?! when are we gonna hang out. I miss you :)

Anonymous said...

Lurking? hmmm. More like stalking. Highgate and the LeDuo are my weekly entertainment break from the Mullet/Confederate flag epidemic down here.
Watch out. It's spreading. And the results could be drastically more fatal than any UFO testing.
I'll email you so as to avoid.....what was that you said?......JB sending you his panties 100 times?
crazy burlington folk.
i miss you two.

Brooke said...

No hard feeling on the great grammar and spelling debate, OK? I love your blog. I check in at least once a day. I even read your posts about gaming, which I know nothing about.

Tmoore said...

never any hard feelings brooke; i do realize that good grammer and pruper spellink have there places. Thanks for reading, i have alot of fun with the it.

Brooke said...

Did I mention you have a great sense of humor?