Day Late Easter Link Dump

God Help Us All
(Happy Easter!)

Old man #1: Do you know why a bunny is connected to Easter?
Old man #2: No.
Old man #1: It's because Easter is about fertility and rabbits are animals that are always copulating.
Old man #2: Huh, I never heard about that.
Old man #1: Think about it. On Easter, you have the bunnies and the bunnies have eggs and the eggs have children in them...

-Penn Station


So the Webby Nominees have been announced and here's a few of my personal favs.

We make Money not Art

Google Maps
Tree Hugger
Dragon Fire
Lonely Planet

and finally,

The Bonless Pig Farmers Association of America


Vermont Blog of the week

Together at last: Mac/Windows

If Roe V. Wade is over turned...(!)
Best New Music: Not Alone Comp.
(features among many others, new music from Will Oldham)

sick of the decimal system?
Introducing "Octomatics"

I wanna live in this Tree house!


casey said...

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Keep your goddamn Windows out of my OS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i want to start an octomatics commune.