933|<'$ j0Ur|\|4L #6

If anyone's spent much time at all on the interweb (or checked out nest material's \/\374P|-|'/51(4L 9R4Ph1771) you may have run into the language of "Leet Speak". I've been interwebing for a while now, yep... You might say I'm a bit of a old hand at this here crazyland, but from time to time, even I run into something so completely leet, I have no fucking clue as to what it means. Well, for those of you \|00B's in the same position, I've assembled a few links to help you on your way to Net Leeteracy. (I made that one up, right here on the spot.)

First on the list, the Wiki entry. This has to be hands down the most comprehensive wiki entry I have ever read (second only perhaps the entry on how to never have a girlfriend.) and has opened up entirely new doors of perception and time wastage to me. I'll let you go ahead and check it out, and when you're done there, come back here are test yourself on how well you've learned.

Leet Test
"ph34/2 m`/ 1337 sk1llz"
Translate the following:

[at the Council of Elrond]
Gimli: "dwarves pwn!"
Legolas: "Sif, Elves pwn!"
Boromir: "OLOLOL noobs, men pwn!"
Elrond: "STFU tards!!1!"
**Frodo puts the ring on the plinth
Gimili: "Sif ring pwns all!"
**Gimli swings his axe at it, which shatters
Elrond: "**sigh, noob"

[Frodo meets up with Bilbo]
Bilbo: "OLOL, me = 10th level thief!"
Frodo: "OMG, u r teh pwn!"
Bilbo: "Do u still have teh ringz0r?"
**Frodo shows Bilbo the One Ring
Bilbo: "OMG u tard, I want to TK you!"
Frodo: "sif!"
Bilbo: "ph34r my mithril"

[stopping at the banks of the river, the Fellowship sets up camp]
**Frodo goes off looking for firewood, Boromir follows and confronts him
Boromir: "Gimmie teh ringz0r so ** hax can fight teh boss!"
Frodo: "Sif, foo. Punkbuster will pwn joo!"
Boromir: "Naw, we play on non-pb servers"
Frodo: "STFU noob"
Frodo has left the server
Boromir: "***! FRODO! Bring teh ringz0r back, faghat!"
**A group of Uruk Hai encounter Boromir
Boromir: "OH FFS, TEAMS!!"
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Boromir: "****ing campers"
**Aragorn comes across the battle
Aragorn: "Boromir joo noob! ***!"
Uruk Hai: "Hah, pwn!"
Aragorn [broadsword] Uruk Hai
Aragorn: "I bring joo teh pwn!"
**Aragorn goes to Boromir
Boromir: "Damn lag!"
Warning: Connection problems detected
Boromir has disconnected
Aragorn: "FFS!"



if you actually read all of that than congratulations, you are now |337 and as big a dork as i am. for further assistance use this translator.


Anonymous said...

man that is a Waaaaaay better title than the one on the seedee.

The Le Duo said...

it's not really the 'what?' that gets me...it's the 'why?'

why bother?

JB, who, along with most of America, cannot even master English, let alone geek-speek.

greg davis said...

isnt LEET really just a language for hackers/bootleggers so that they dont get caught doing bad things?

Tmoore said...

pretty much - though it gets used for all sorts of different things these days. It's sort of going the way of graf and ebonics, getting co-oped by the mainstream / used by the myspace/LJ crowd. Though, like graf and ebonics, Leet is also constantly evolving and getting more and more convoluted and cryptic - it's alot of fun to try and follow it's progression; i'm sure for the most part, even that Wiki is out of style.

plus i get to feel like a member of some nefarious cyber-gang. WOOT!