Sevendays printed a review of Nest Material's (you know that old band i was in... way back when.) latest two releases, written by Casey Rea himself. I won't copy the whole review cause i think that'd be even more copywrite infringement but here's a couple snippets. It's a great review, and it was alot of fun to get a "critical" analysis of our music. Thanks Casey!

"Trampled Under Feet" is a thrumming collision of found sound and conventional instrumentation. Gentle and enveloping, the tune's hazy resonances could almost be called beautiful."

My favorite moments occur near the 10-minute mark. At this point, the ever-present drones are broken up by a series of keyboard blips and a repetitive saxophone figure."

"Graffiti wraps up with a jazzy drum figure and fractured, psychedelic guitar lines. By the end of the disc, I found myself wondering if someone had slipped something into my coffee."


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