Lets play a Game

Yesterday evening was so nice, what with the company and the delicious food; Pefectly cooked Turkey by Ben + Todd, not to mention potatoes and artichokes, stuffing by Andrea and Athena, Beet Salad by Megan and Gahlord, Stuffed Mushrooms by Eva and I made some Candied Yams, and to top it all off - Michelle brought a flower, there was also some various booze going around. For dessert, there was Godard's Weekend; I think only a few of us were able to make it all the way through, not that it wasn't a great flick, but the food comas were greater... I was in and out of it most the time. Which made it feel even more disjointed and surreal than it already was - whatever was in that bird, it did me good, so good that today I woke up with a renewed sense of vigor;

What am I going to do today, on this fine sunshining Monday. (Mondays where you don't have to work, are doubly good.) A walk is in order, as well as a huge latte or perhaps my super (not so secret) iced coffee blend (one shot vanilla, one shot orgeat, half n' half.) maybe then I'll even pay our utilities!

But first, a little game called:
"What am I listening to these days!"

AMT - Starless and Bible Black Sabbath
Pretty much perfect; one giant riff over and over again,
often times almost completely obscured by crazy ass swirling
(squinting modifier) pysch guitars and weirdo noises.
Plus Sabbath references!

Wooden Wand + Vanishing Voice
These guys are my current favorites in the "freak Folk"
universe, this album and the Flood are just amazing
You put them on, and at first you're underwelmed, like
Ok... Sounds like muddy noodling w/ pretty girl vocals here and there.
Then it goes on and on, and all of a sudden
it's an hour later and you're thinking.
That was fucking gorgeous!

DFA Remixes Vol. 1
This stuff is pretty killer, I have mixed feelings
about the DFA label, but these remixes are phenomenal
Best tracks #2 Mars, Arizona's remix of Blues explosion and
Chemical Brothers' of "The Boxer".

Mord - Christendom Perished
Southern Lord Black Metal w/ a subtle twist. This is a
Chris Miller Recommendation. Chris could tell you more about it
Me, I wanted to hear the new Lair of the Minotaur, but it
kind of sucks. So I took it out and put this in. See also,
Wolves in the Throne Room.

Parts and Labor - Stay Afraid
Johnny Aquadora came down to PP the other day and
asked me what I was listening to and if I could recommend
anything, which I hate to do cause I mean, just cause
I like it doesn't mean the next guy will. So I gave him this album
and Pink Mountain Tops -Axis of Evol, he liked PM alright,
but really fucking loved this one - He said it was kind of like
music he's doing right now. no kidding...
I actually prefer Axis over this one.

Mammatus - S/T
This is another Chris Miller recommendation, and now one of mine
This is heavy in the best ways - Epic, Sludgy, Rocking, Freaking, thundering
It makes me feel like the first time I listened to Comets on Fire and said
"Wow, people are making this kind of music still, wicked!"
Aquarius records streams:
MPEG Stream: "The Righteous Path Through The Forest Of Old"
MPEG Stream: "Dragon Of The Deep Part One"

The Essex Green - Cannibal Sea
When I heard this album was coming out I personally wrote them
and asked them to send me posters to put up at Pure Pop
We've only sold one copy so far, but damn this album is good.
Now that it's spring time I think it'll sell more - this album is
perfect warm w/ a cool breeze music.

Pulp - Countdown
compilation of Early Pulp tracks, going into a more
80's British club and folk sound that is just as amazing and engaging
as any of there later period work. A close proximity would be the Mag Fields.

The Grey Daturas - Dead in the Woods
They just released a new album, but this one still stands as
one of my favorite listens in the the whole, post-noise freak
genre - if you can call it that. Super heavy, super stoned, and
super duper. They did a split with the ___ Yellow Swans that
is also a must have... terror noise drone.

Neil Young - Comes a Time
What can I say about this one, perfect Eastergiving music.
If Neil can sing about hopefull things than maybe I can think about them too.

Thanks again to everyone who came over!


michelle said...

i wish you could write new music reviews for wruv, bc then i might actually want to play new music besides ww&vv. well, maybe.

greg davis said...

ive been meaning to check out that new AMT record.
never really listened to them much.
but the title is funny.
i wonder if they copped anything from crimson or sabbath for the record.

the essex green sounds good, ill have to check it out. i didnt even think they were a band anymore.
does tim barnes play on the new record?

Tmoore said...

It's pretty great greg, now i wanna hear the one they just put out with Aframpo, those girls are mean - I don't think tim barnes plays on the new Essex green though.

jds said...

You going up to Montreal next weekend to check out Wooden Wand?

I'm really digging the Essex Green disc too. Went to Montpelier's record shop to get a copy and they looked at me like I had too heads. Unbelievable. If I was traveling to Burlington I would of picked up a copy, but Insound was easier. I needed it for the warm spell we had/are having.

Need to check the liner notes about Tim Barnes, but I think Tanner's right.

Tmoore said...

thks for the heads up on wwvv, the essex green liner notes don't mention barnes, and i did a little googlizing and coulding find anything that matched "tim barnes cannibal sea".

casey said...

Thing about AMT is, they release an album every week.

I saw them play live at a coffeeshop in Brattleboro, though. It was fucking INTENSE! Makato Kawabata played this little zither-type thing at the beginning, then put it down picked up the electric and WHOOSH! It was like the blast doors of the cosmos had just been torn asunder. For like 2 hours, nonstop.

That was back when Cotton Casino was in the band. She's about four feet tall and has pro wrestling stickers all over her weird keyboard-thing.

I also got to take a leak next to Kawabata. Dude looks like a wizard!

Starless and Bible Black has always been one of my favorite Crimson records.