Everyone tune to Channel 15 tonight at 9pm and catch the latest episode of the Deadbeats club!
This week's Episode is their two year aniversary and features include Episode #2 of The Offasty; Stollen Yogurt! and a super secret, late night @ the Narthex. stoned out jam session between members of Nest Material and The Cush, don't miss it!
Update: Emy Lou was there too.

On another note; my Digital Camera was stollen at the show Friday night; in fact, i don't even want to asume that; rather that it was found and then misplaced into someone elses bag for safe keeping. if someone out there happened to be at that show and found a Cannon digital camera in a blue camera pouch; let me know, i use it alot for blogging and just in general and i concider it one of my prized possessions; also on that list, my computer, my keyboard, my Ipod, my guitar and my truck stereo (also stollen recently.) I don't have much of a disposable income so i don't forsee getting a new one anytime soon; so my blog content may not be as "dynamic" for a while; infact i'm going to observe a week of no photos in blog posts starting tommorrow, in honor of my dear departed Cannon A520.

Also, check out the upcoming DJ sets at Pearls; Electrodynamic Underground. Everyone should be there for these tuesday nights; it's gonna be killer. Ben and I are going to be going head to head on the 21st, raining down the psychedelic pain w/ fists of lightning quick Krauty precision but before that, Brodie's starting it up this tuesday (7th) with a lush space pop/lounge set and Greg Davis will aparently be bringing the Rock (Steady) the week after (14th). It's gonna be a gooood time.


emmy lou said...

hey now... Michelle and I were a part of that super secret session too! I don't really watch tv, but would like to see the footage from that jam sometime.

also, thanks for hosting last night.

The Le Duo said...

what jam and why do i always miss out you guys said we wern't playing anymore poo poo fart shit balls

Brooke said...

I keep missing the show! I haven't seen it since the December episode. Yesterday someone at the grocery store recognized my I Heart Deadbeats pin and commented on what a fan she is. Sorry about your camera.