Tonight @ The Firehouse

Nest Material and Greg Davis
Starts at 8:00 pm
3$ Suggested Donation

Come on down to the Firehouse Gallery at the bottom of Church, We're gonna be bringing the Sonic Pain, and Greg's gonna be texting on Cage's Mushrooms. This also is potentially my last show with the Nest, so I plan to make it a memorable one. C-ya all there!


Anonymous said...

wish i could make it tanner!
i'll be sitting around brooklyn waiting for sarah to get off work.
have the best time, rock god!

Anonymous said...

1)Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent: a potential problem.
2)Having possibility, capability, or power.

we'll miss you

Anonymous said...

Flawless show last night, y'all--I'm sure the gallery janitor was mopping parts of my face off the floor after. It was great to focus on different players at different points; get locked into violin loops for awhile, only to snap out of it and find Tanner across the way gettin' it on (bang a gong). JB: I appreciated your restraint throughout the set. You helped to create a sustained and unresolved tension that would've been ruined if you had started pounding away.