My lovely Co-worker and Arch-Enemy Herb Van Der Poll invited me over to his home after work this evening for some "British Comedy" and a little "Horn Swaggling." Intriqued, i agreed - even though i knew i'd have to sit through hours of mindless poms slanging on about the washing up and "bummers". Wasn't i suprised however, when he put on a BBC series (Region 2 only, sorry girls.) Called "The Mighty Boosh", I had never heard of it; and i always figured, if it ain't Everybody loves raymond, than it must be proper shite.

I was BLOWN away. Seriously, i can't even begin to describe the style of humor, other than this: If Wes Anderson was British, and 14 years old; tripping on some bad acid that Jim Henson mixed up for him, there's no way he'd be able to come up with something, nearly as self aware and self referentially absurd as this series.

you follow? no... well, here are some clips of some of the musical numbers they break into at a moments notice; as well as the first episode in it's entirety; if you have more than 20 minutes i seriously recommend viewing these; it's some of the most original comedy i've seen since, well Peep Show. The Horn Swaggling was nice too.


Herb said...

Spread the word!

casey said...

Yes indeed. It's a wacky show.

See, Van der Poll? You have SOME uses. ;)

Tmoore said...

no he doesn't.