The Brick Testament / Gd + KfW OmFg!

Deuteronomy 25:11
'...and the wife of one man rescues her husband from his assailant by grabbing his testicles...'

Follow the above picturelink for more wisdom from the bible; Lego style.more lego action

Gd+KfW OmFg!

Tonight was a special treat; got to see Greg Davis and Keith Fullerton Whitman, doing that thing they do. Totally killer head melting tones from Keith, starting out in the low end; sliding into a wet pulse with stray frequencies; and finally growing into laping gauzy waves of brainfuzz. It cut out at the very end, leaving us with some totally righteous free tones; crumbling distorted completely wrecked, killer. Then Greg takes it into a totally nother direction; reading John Cage, reading Henry David Thoreau, Naked Lunch style - For the first hour of it i was digging on it; i went into Zen mode and just let the words wash over me like watching french Canadian television; just sounds, no meaning other than what i give them or they give me; occasionally my mind would slip and i'd hear "Bird" or "Italian walks into a town with an organ..." By the time he was done, i had to think for a minute what language i was supposed to speak. Luckily the voice in my head spoke English, it sounds alot like me as well.

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