My New Favorite Fetish

move over bukkake... There's a new kid in town!

All my life I thought I was strange... All I wanted was a nice girl, one that would jam her pinky as far into my ear canal as humanly possible, and while it was in there, dig out all that yummy waxy build-up. But alas, growing up here in conservative New England has left me feeling alone in my desires, ostracized. In recent years I've begun to wonder... "Is it just me? Am I alone in this world, is there no one who wants to vigorously jam objects deep inside my ear canal? Until now...

Alas, the sun also rises.

Mimikaki info:
This is the preferred ear digging device, most Japanese people have dry scratchy ear wax, as opposed to most westerners who have wet sticky earwax. I too, have wet sticky earwax.

There are even Hello Kitty Ear Wax Digger-outers.

Wikipedia has a little info on Mimikaki
And for those of you who want to see Mimikaki in action... here's a video.

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