S is For Sunday, Y is for excruciating pain, and

Eva and I went and saw V is for Vendetta tonight, I wasn't expecting much honestly, I've only read pages out of the original comic and though I found it interesting, I really wasn't expecting it to translate well; not to mention that Natalie Portman has never really impressed me much, except in Beautiful Girls. I was very pleasantly surprised, the dialogue was snappy, the production was top notch, I didn't even mind that his mouth didn't move, infact I rather it like that; Most importantly I was very impressed that they didn't pull any punches in regards to the main theme, manipulation and oppression by a increasingly corrupt and fascist government vs. "the people"/anarchy/human nature, what have you.
Given the current events going on in our world I almost expected "V" to shy away from making any obvious references to Blair/bush etc, but instead it goes straight for the throat, making very blatant references to things like; color coded threat levels, curfews, the Reichstag fire (911 *cough*), racial profiling, suspension of civil liberties under the guise of protection, and so on.
Even more significant though, was that the protagonist of the story was, and is even more so in the Comic, an anarchist, a capital "A" Anarchist; I found this delightful and ballsy, he didn't want reform... He wanted to blow that shit up! Though of course; I wonder what effects this is going to have Anarchism's credibility... I'm always fearful when Hollywood co-opts an ideal or cultural phenomenon or lifestyle, it's castration; if ever you want to render something impotent; simply have brad pitt star in it, or play it on the 6 o'clock news.... Then suddenly it's mearly "entertainment."

"But look mommy, it's on the same pages and Jessica simpsons new titties, it can't be all that bad...."
Reichstag fire 1933 and Redux

One thing that I am sure of however; I am out of shape! Or at least very inflexible (my body that is; my mind... Is like a great cat.); today was my first official Yoga class with my personal Yoga instructor; the lovely and versatile Eva Sollberger. (the crowd goes wild.) She just recently started me on this new regiment that apparently includes Sleeping in on Sunday mornings till 1:30; laying in bed till 2:30 blogging and reading news, then getting up and eating a healthy meal including McKenzie maple smoked bacon, coffee, and her special recipe Mango blueberry pancakes! (ancient Chinese secret hu...) Then, after waiting for her to finish answering her fan mail, she got me fitted up with a spiffy "Yoga suit" that was remarkably similar to the PJ's of a 11 year old girl, and fit me about as well.
The rest of it I'm still unclear of; I think I may have blacked out during my 10th "Proud Warrior" or was that the "Hanging Dog"... I remember at one point, I think during the "Samhadi Surprise", huffing, puffing, and shaking like a smack head asking, "What is this!? I thought I said no advanced techniques!?" and Eva saying... "Well... Actually honey this is a relaxation pose."

But I stuck it out; my groin (muscle) is killing me right now, and tomorrow I may not get out of bed. But it felt great to move my body like that it was so invigorating, no joke! And, as a bonus I thought I felt like I was high for about two hours afterwards; technically I probably was, considering the toxins all that stretching probably released into my bloodstream. Sweet! I have to say that Eva is a superb instructor; she's very supportive and makes good small talk, plus I get to pay her in kisses, bonus!

And last but not least The Deadbeat club, now has an official Vlogsite, so check it out here, book mark it, read it, watch it; love it! you can even subscribe to it, cause i setup up the RSS feed!

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

man o' man. you had me in stitches. hearing about you retell your yoga experience was even funnier than watching you try to balance like a tree/stork in those pink PJs. you did great though, you are a true trooper and soon the tree will be old hat and you will be down dogging it at all hours and in odd places! you'll be "Ohming" left and right and just wait till I show you the crow (my personal fav)! always remember, "wax on, wax off and relax your shoulders!"

JINX! we blogged about the same thing! go figure?! now time for bed!