Injustice! can you believe it?

So about a Year and a half ago i got totally mauled by a bunch of cops acheing to trying out their fancy new riot gear (i think my taxes helped pay for that... oh the irony.) it's been a while since then, but i still think about it here and there. Recently, i've been thinking about it more and more; and finally today i wrote a letter to WCAX asking for the footage that i know they took of the whole incident since the next day every one of my relatives was calling me up all worried. (The best was my Dad... "What'd you get up to this time Pooper...")

Anyway, i'm completely inocent, i was just minding my own business, ask Sara-Paule. Here's the Email i sent to WCAX, hopefully i can get the tape and then go from there. I'll keep ya'll updated on what they say.

My name is Tanner McCuin, I've been a resident of Burlington for around 5 years now. In the fall of 2004, as you might recall, there was a riot @ the UVM Campus having something to do with a Baseball championship, i hap pend to be on campus as the time visiting my girlfriend at Slade hall; at one point during the rally/riot, we decided we'd go out and see what all the hubbub was about since neither of us were sports fans. We walked around making sure to keep a healthy distance from what was obviously becoming something more than a gathering, and we noticed that there were police standing around nervously. We walked away from the main gathering and up over behind a building, where we noticed a bonfire going on, realizing that it was something possibly set on fire we decided that things were a little out of hand so we turned around promptly and headed back to the dorms, besides we had dinner in the oven. As we turned, a group of police officers in riot gear came over the little knoll, and seemed to be showing interest in this same fire, they weren't in any kind of formation and were spaced out rather casually, as they approached me and my girlfriend kept walking, my girlfriend and i parted momentarily to pass by the officers when all of a sudden two of them closed in from either side of me pushing me quite forcefully, my immediate reaction was to keep myself upright and i brought my hands up to steady myself and grabbed onto whatever i could, i was quickly knocked hard onto the ground, and before i knew what was happening someone had ahold of my face, prying open my eyes and another person was spraying copious amounts of Mace into my eyes and mouth.

The next five or six hours was a blur, at one point i couldn't breath due to my throat swelling up, other times i was curled up w/ pain and shaking while EMTs tryed to open my eyes to dump water in to flush them out. I didn't get my vision back properly for a few days, and missed work on top of that. When i contacted the chief of police and told him about the incident, he asked me politely what he could do about it, i said, ideally, two things 1. An Apology 2. compensation of some sort for pain endured and money lost. He responded with "Well, you're not getting either."

Long story short; i gave up on the whole thing. But this is where WCAX comes in, I understand that your camera crews were on duty that night and i remember hearing from different people who said that they had seen footage of me being assaulted on the channel 3 evening news. If this is in fact the case, is there anyway that i might be able to purchase or somehow obtain a copy of this event? If there is any other information you might need from me, or if you'd like me to come down to the station to fill out some paper work, just let me know. I'd really just like to see for myself what happened. Thanks for your time,


Tanner McCuin


And let me also just say, that getting a full dose of Mace in my face mouth and eyes is a pain i hope i'll never have to experience again... the closest thing i can liken it to would be getting slapped in the face with a porcupine, a porcupine who's quills are tiny invisible barbs of redhot agony. Fuck Burlington Cops, right in their stupid asses...



The Le Duo said...

I remember that shit...man, I always figured it would be Jared that got Maced first, not you!

anyway, thanks for that cd. It is the most traditional (and least cheesy) Willie Nelson I've heard in a long time. word


Sarah said...

Wow, that is unbelievable. I hope you get the tape and can pursue some kind of action.

casey said...

Allow me to state the obvious:

Fuckin' pigs!