Geek's Journal #5

This week I'm taking a vacation from Blogging and generally doing much of anything. Spring time is just around the corner, thankfully. If I'm staying in, than I'll be playing computer games (pushes glasses up on nose). If I'm outdoors, than I'll be taking long evening walks, sucking up all the magic hour light I can.

... Excuse me? I'm sorry... What was that you said.... Tell you about the games? Well, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", and "The Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth". Both, of which happen to be produced by Bethesda, but were developed by entirely different teams. I've been waiting for Oblivion to be released for just over three years, that's right... Three whole years; This game is a (this) geekboy's wet dream, endless replayability, completely open ended story, 3d card killing visuals, totally tweekable (I spend the other half of my time on the forums talking to Modders...) and just downright immersive...
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Then on the otherhand there's Call of Cthulhu, which runs on a very dated 3D engine (can anyone say Halflife 1?) and is steers like it's on rails; but makes up for it with a seriously fun and creepy storyline and some interesting game design, where as your character becomes more excited/nervous as he investigates, say the Arkham cemetery, the screen will start to shimmer, and fuzz, and subtle and unnerving sounds will pop and buzz from the speakers, something might pop up on the screen for a second and then disappear, leaving you wondering... Did I see that? Good times.Between these two games, I've got my hands full for a little while, at least till I get bored with them or start feeling to guilty about completely neglecting real life. That probably won't happen for a while though...

Wikipedia to the rescue:
History of the Elderscrolls series
I: Arena
II: Daggerfall
III: Morrowind
IV: Oblivion

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