Battle of the Ipods

Tonight at Pearls me and DJ Wake up Birds (ben H.) went all out in a head to head, back to back, patented spin wheel to patented spin wheel, Music Library to Music library, gigabite to gigabite, black gloss finish to white gloss finish, battle of the righteous music nerds; taking it all the way to the point where there was no one left in the bar, and the bartender told us to go home. it was around 12pm. What'd you miss? Have you ever heard, mmmm.... No Neck Blues Band, mixed with... Madonna's Hung Up? No? Well... you missed it. How about Caravan, backed up by Gary Numan... Your loss buddy.

Hell, We even go paid, i got five bucks and two gin and tonics, for free! So Thanks everyone for coming, you know who you are... and i can list them all right now.

Eva, Margot, Abbie, Angela, Michelle, Emily, Kyle, Chris, Molly and Todd.

Thanks guys. without you all there to support us in this challenging artist endeavor, we may not have made it through the night. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

jeez tanner, thats quick on the draw, I j U S T W a L K e d i n t h e d O O r. t H a Nks, iT was A >B L A ST<

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i particularly dug the 5 sec/song pop tune medley. and BONUS - i almost fell out of my chair while (chair) dancing!

casey said...



My prog hackles are raised.