My Jade Tree has Tiny Little Flies in it

Ah Wednesday. My day off this week as i'm in the middle of a work schedual change - nothing do, (no where to go-oh...) A good day to chill and recover from this strange cold/flu/bad mood thing that i think i may have successfully fought off, the last few days i've been feeling like i got beat up, my body's been all sore and achy, which is probably what prompted me to think about my run in with Burlington's finest (more on that in a bit.) Todd and I chilled out, drank coffee and Orange juice respectively, and watched the DVD of the latest Deadbeat Club, which is one of my favorites so far.
Last night me and Todd were temporarily out of doors, as we had lent Sin*a*gog to an friend for personal use (don't ask.) Which came at a sort of bad time for me as all i wanted to do was go home, take a long shower, grab a book or a slice of blogo-sphere, and then later a movie and a Cuddle with Ms. E. As it turned out, i ended up first at the OP with Todd, we had a couple really tall cans of beer, and did our utility Bills, meanwhile an old girlfriend, "SL" (shudder.) came sidling over, and re-introduced herself, and when my disinterest in talking to her at all didn't get through she proceeded to continue telling me all about her new life in Chicago...

me: "But, than what are you doing back in Burlington?"

SL "uh..... did you see my arm...."

me: "Looks like you broke it."

SL: "Yeah... Kung Foo."

me: ".....What?"

SL: "It was a Kung Foo accident"

Awkward Pause.

me: "Ok. whatever."

SL: "Alright bye."
I think that made me drink more, then Todd went out to meet Frankie, and i went over to JB's for a while, but he was heading to bed so i ended up wandering around downtown, getting really drunk, running into Herb and some of his lady friends (i lose track of their names... he has so many...) and before i knew it it was 1am, and i felt like an ass cause i was supposed to meet Eva at like 9:30. Nuff said in that department... I confound my own sensibilities at every turn.

On the whole "Maced for no good reason front" I got a reply email from WCAX, here it is:

Greetings Tanner,
I do know exactly the footage you are referring to, and I have re-watched it, it shows a girl and a young man walking with hands in pockets towards the police approaching the bonfire. One officer tries to stop the young man and unfortunately that's when the camera turns off. Our photographer turns the camera back on again when he is a lot closer to the scene where the young man is now on the ground and the girl is telling everyone that he can't breath, and that he has been maced.

Our News director has agreed to sell you a copy of this video clip at our regular dub fees. Can you remember what you were wearing that night, so I can make sure your purchasing the correct video... OR you are more then welcome to come into the station and view the footage if you want. Just call me and make an appointment.

I have attached to this email our "Copy Request" form and our "Credit Card" form (if you choose to use it): below is listed some of the information you will need to fill them out. Once we receive the form back from you with shipping information and payment, your copy should reach you within 8-10 business days.

STORY TITLE: "red sox riot"
STORY DATE: 10-21-04
Description: field tape #573 / Time code: 12:37 to 15:08 / see Diane for tape.

----------------------- VHS Dub Fee: $30.00 each DVD Dub Fee: $40.00 each PLUS: (6% VT sales tax) unless tax exempt. PLUS: $4.00 for shipping ------- VHS Total: $35.80 DVD Total: $46.40

So as it turns out, they got it on film, but not the good stuff... Chris tells me that he's heard from other people that the Police confiscated alot of footage, probably under the excuse that they needed it for evidence, and of course, they havn't given it back yet. I also heard that a bunch of students filed some sort of suit, and were basically silenced with threats of expulsion and fines. For the record, the whole riot was retarded, i mean - the Sox won something or lost something, i dunno, and so you have a riot... that's stupid, riot about a livable wage, riot about genocide in Africa, riot about fucking the price of cigarettes, i don't care, hell, just riot for the fun of it, but please... not for baseball. On the other hand i could chalk it up to a much deeper undercurrent of civil unrest and frustration at the state of the world and specifically our nation... but that might be stretching it, either way if you wanna fuck some shit up, don't do it to a School... even if it is UVM.

46 bucks!? christ. That's alot of money to get footage of myself getting beat up. i'm sure there's someone out there that'll do it for free... And on the subject of Gestapo like acts of opression, Chris sent me a link to this Live Journal blog dedicated to Nazi-Popculture, he found it checking out the "40 most recent uploaded photos to Live Journal".

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jds said...

I'm sick and tired of trying to find a link to this site. So you've been added to my blogroll. Keep the writing alive.

casey said...

I still think it's cool that WCAX got back to you so quickly.

Tmoore said...

Yeah i agree, they are being cool about it.